Positive conversation starters

How do you break the ice and start having fun conversations?

Don’t ask me. I’m asking you! Okay, maybe I can help a little.

Warning – I don’t know much about what kind of conversation you are going to have, so use these questions in the right context.

– What’s the best thing that happened last week?

– Tell me something funny that happened today
(Ask this only to the people you knowWhy would others embarrass their friends in front of you?)

– What are you looking forward to this week? / What are you most excited about?

– What are your hobbies? (People love to talk about their passions…. Ask me to talk about my passion and I won’t stop. Also when someone doesn’t seem to stop, try to figure out a way to escape the situation. Like your you might get an emergency text or you could faint)

– Which is the latest movie that you enjoyed / the latest book that you enjoyed reading? (This can lead to a good conversation if your tastes are similar… If they are not, move on to the next question)

– What are you interested in these days? (People’s interests continuously change. Due to the presence of internet they are pretty quick to jump from one interest to the next one. So asking this question can lead to a good conversation)

– Which is your best travel memory so far? / What’s on your bucket list? (I agree, we all cannot backpack and travel Europe all the time, but there are times when we have had fun travel experiences. )

– What is going right in your life? What’s going well? (If someone asks me this question I’ll be caught off-guard and I’ll need go think for a moment about what is actually going right with me… There are many things actually.. we just need someone to remind us to think about it)

– Which is the most delicious dish you’ve ever had? (Now here by ‘dish’ I don’t mean plate, I mean foooood. And I am not asking this because I want to start a good conversation, it’s mostly because I get to know what can I try next. What? Don’t look at me like that! Food is GOOD!)

5 responses to “Positive conversation starters”

  1. Hehe Vrunda
    Best Conversation
    Starter Is Listening 👂 😊

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    1. Wow! Yesss💯💯💯 100% agree

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      1. SMiles Vrunda “Life These
        Days” is So Full of
        Distractions And
        Stress Very Rarely
        Do We Find People
        With Attention Spans
        Long Enough to


        In Deep
        And Fulfilling

        Hehe Unless Folks
        Are Head Over Heels
        In Love And The Demands

        Of A Thousand
        Paper Cuts of

        Life Even



        It’s Really
        Almost Impossible

        For So Many Folks

        Now to Really




        Or Even

        Listen At All
        Humans Have Limits
        Humanity Fades Away


        Nothingness this way



        Hear The
        Train Whistle

        In The Distance Fading 🚂

        Hehe or in




        Too Much Noise😜

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      2. Its true though… We rarely have meaningful conversations.. especially these days after pandemic and being home all the time.. it’s like everyone knows what’s going on in each other’s life.. so nothing much to share..

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      3. In Florida Where i Live
        They Let People Act
        Like the Pandemic




        Even In Church

        Without Respect

        For The Sanctity Of

        Breathing Life Oh Lord

        There is Always Something

        To Talk About

        Where i Live
        In The Backwoods

        Face Palm Thick

        Forest Other



        It’s A Beautiful Place

        Half The Folks Think

        Bill Gates is Trying

        To Implant


        Into Them

        With The


        To Kill Them too

        Yes Hehe Plenty

        To Talk About

        Here Yet
        We Are


        And Life is
        The Way
        It Was Before

        Prayers For India Vrunda🙏


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