Ellen’s tips on happiness

Happiness is a journey. This means that happiness is like a long car ride. Let’s say you’re in a car and you’re driving to Hawaii. Sure it seems like Hawaii, your destination is going to be the happiness part. But really the car ride is the happiness part because all the fun games you can play in the car and all stops you can make at beautiful public toilet areas, not to mention how fun it will be to drive on the top of the ocean. Be happy on your journey to Hawaii so once you get there, you can be miserable. Wait. I don’t know if that’s right.

However you choose to live your life, just try to enjoy it as much as you can. Fill yourself with joy.

– Ellen DeGeneres (From her book – Seriously… I’m kidding)

5 responses to “Ellen’s tips on happiness”

  1. SMiles Dear Vrunda
    One of The Most Joyous “Trips To Hawaii” Yes Is
    When We Went Through

    The “Fancy Car Wash”

    With All The Psychedelic

    Colors We Only Do it

    About Once A Year

    Hehe Since our

    Car Stays

    So Clean in
    Its Home The

    Garage Anyway The

    Photos i Took of The

    Expressions on my

    Wife’s Face While She

    Was Cleaning The

    Inside of

    The Car

    Were Just

    So Precious
    In Expressing
    What Creates
    Human All Colors
    Of Our Feelings Emotions

    i Made it into A Slideshow
    Video With Music


    i Wanna Go

    Back To ‘Hawaii’

    i Play the Video or

    Just Watch My Wife’s

    Face Light up

    Entire Rooms

    With A Smile

    Hehe Secret

    Of My



    Never Had to



    To See Hawaii

    And On Top of
    That my Wife is
    Half Pacific Islander

    Many Folks Mistake

    Her For East Indian too

    In Other Words She’s

    Just Naturally



    No Make Believe

    Island Girl Eternally So🏝


  2. Lokesh Sastya Avatar
    Lokesh Sastya

    We can learn a lot from Ellen. I’m enjoying her interviews.

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    1. Yess! I really admire her


  3. She’s hilarious at most times and does display a lot of British humour too!

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    1. Yeahhh… I love Ellen! ❤️❤️❤️

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