When did you realise you are a grown up?

I mean….my mom always makes sure to remind me that I am a grown up whenever I do anything dumb. But other than that, there are a few moments that actually made me realise that….. holy crap! I am growing up! (nervous squeak)

Pressure to get a good job and earn money. This is the moment when we realise that everything we did in our life…. From schooling till college and degree was for this moment. Getting PAID. When I frantically started worrying about my future and started looking for jobs that was the moment I realise – holy crap! I am a grown up now.

Being sincere about your job and working your ass off every day to keep that job. After you get a job you feel relaxed like – Hush! I got a job! Finally!! But then….. (wicked laugh) You realise this was just the first step in your journey.. the real struggle is to keep the job. After a few months you cannot believe you were so escalated and thrilled to get this job because now, you have to work your ass off to keep it.

Taking Responsibilities. Okay here’s the thing – I didn’t sign up for this. I don’t know why do I have to deal with all these responsibilities with little or no help because… Now I am a grown up. And I’m there just like – hello, excuse me, you don’t know me, I cannot solve mathematical equations without my dad’s help. The only time when I have ever been held responsible was the time when I messed up something. How do you expect me to take responsibility of important things? When did I grow up? Where is the damn warning?! Is there any manual that can help…?

The funny thing with responsibility is that you always need to be cautious about something and make sure everything happens according to the plan… There is this constant fear in your mind that says “something will go wrong” and you have make sure that it doesn’t. Because if something goes wrong all the blame is going to be on you. Not on the person who actually messed up but on you just coz you were responsible.

No sir, sorry. I didn’t sign up for this.

Tbh I feel like most of adult life is showing up one day after the another and pushing yourself to get things done all while trying to figure out what you are doing and where you want to be.

Or maybe you want to figure out what to have for tonight’s dinner.. that works too!

One thought on “When did you realise you are a grown up?

  1. When i Became the Leaf 🍃
    Feeding The Tree The
    Forest Looking Over
    The River Before

    i Could Speak at
    4 At Age 3 Seeing
    i Feed The Forest
    Complete When
    i Fall As Leaf Creating🍂
    New Souls of Trees And
    Other Plants Landing in
    Forest Whole Soils This🍁
    Way Leaf, Tree, Or Forest
    Matters Not All Grown up
    Forever Now Circle of
    Life Complete As



    All Grown

    Up At Age 3 Nah

    School, Work, And Even
    Church Had An Opposite
    Effect And Affect On me

    As Leaf i Became Separate
    Lost From Tree And Forest
    No Longer Whole Grown Up
    Eternally Circle of Life Complete

    Yes True it Took 50 Whole Years
    Half A Century In Human Terms
    Of Time to Live Forever Now Again

    At 53 Standing on The Beach
    Finally All Grown Up Circle of
    Life Complete Reborn i Am








    Whole Yes

    Swaying Sea Oats

    In Summer Breeze Emerald

    Green Waters Sugar White Sands

    Sea Gull Wings Spiraling Sun i Am

    Smiles Dear Vrunda my Wife insists

    She Does The Human Adulting

    The Best So She Demands

    Taking Care of


    Rest Yes

    i’m Not only

    Grown up i’m

    Blessed Guess Living

    With The Forest And Beach

    is Enough For my Wife Complete🏝


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