Why do I use LinkedIn?

There are many reasons why I use LinkedIn. Other than me getting a job, which is obviously the first reason.

Other than that I think LinkedIn posts are really informative and uplifting. You come to know about the good happening around you. There was this poll once on LinkedIn which said which social platform do you go to, to get positive news? Most of the people said LinkedIn (including me). Also maybe because it was asked to people on LinkedIn so maybe that’s true for them, your instagram folks are not seen here (much).

Also people raise awareness about certain issues and share personal experiences to make a point. And most of the people support them! That is something I really admire.

That said, I haven’t really started posting anything frequently on LinkedIn yet, (not even the links to these blog posts) but I do like to be on the platform.

I remember I was very reluctant to join LinkedIn. I thought maybe it’s all about work and not so much fun. It is true though. But I like it. My passion brought me here. I can connect with so many people from positive psychology background and talk to them. Get to know eachother, talk about Positive Psychology. And also attend the webinars hosted by them.

Also I feel motivated and fired up to make new connections and seek out new opportunities after being on LinkedIn.

So if you are joining LinkedIn for the first time, welcome! Don’t forget to connect with me on LinkedIn, here is my id –

Just kidding!

Its a great platform and I hope you enjoy it there as well and I hope it proves beneficial for you.

P.S – I got my first job through LinkedIn! 🙂 Just saying.

P.P.S – After writing this I realised how muchhh I use LinkedIn. “Is LinkedIn the new Instagram for me?”

18 thoughts on “Why do I use LinkedIn?

  1. Its a multipurpose platform. Not just for searching jobs. For the freshers its for job hunt way for the professional its a big ocean. You can find everything that you can choose and opt. There are many fake ids too and spams. So choose the one you are finding it authentic and useful. Enjoy the bigger horizons of knowledge. Cheers.

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  2. Hehe LinkedIn
    Reminds me
    Too Much of

    Work it Was
    Okay The First
    22 Years Yet the
    Last 33 Percent
    Yes 11 Whole Years

    Was A Frog Boil

    Where The




    For 11 Years
    Until You Realize
    You’re Boiling With

    No Escape Stress
    Is Cumulative And
    Possible to Overlook

    Until 99 Percent
    Of The Damage
    Is Done And All





    Left Is 1 Percent
    For Any Chance
    Of Recovery As
    For me That took
    66 Months First


    Was in 100 Degree F
    WeatheR A Warm
    Breeze Made

    me Feel
    Chilled in
    July of Florida
    Sweltering Summer

    Little Did
    i Realize My
    Autonomic System

    For Basic


    Was Being
    By Getting Lost
    In My Head Solving
    Problems Leaving my


    To Die
    With No
    Soul To Touch
    My Really Smart
    Head That was Dumber


    i Could imagine
    Then What We Do
    With Words Comprises
    Less Than 5 Percent

    Of What


    Mind And
    Body Soul is

    It Was A Hard Pill
    To Swallow That 19
    Years Of School 3
    Degrees And 33






    me How
    To Stay Human

    Keeping in Mind
    That i Worked in
    Morale, Welfare
    And Recreation

    For The


    And my 3 Degrees
    Were in Psychology,
    Social Sciences
    And Anthropology

    Was Still
    Left Out of
    HeART And
    smART i had
    No Idea i Was Still

    Missing 60 Percent
    At Least of my Soul

    As Without
    Art All That’s
    Left of SMart
    And HEart

    Is ‘50 Shades
    And Less than Grey’

    Yep, Just S And
    M And HE With No

    Art in What I Didn’t
    Realize Was Wandering
    A Toxic Patriarchal


    For 4 Decades

    Until i Escaped into
    A World of Poetry
    Singing And


    Free With

    Wings Fortunately

    For Me Money Was

    No Longer An Issue

    When i Retired


    If it
    Was Highly

    Unlike i’d Be Here
    Now Moral oF A STory



    Find A Way

    Of Sanctity

    To Get



    Of Our “Heads”

    Without Dance i’d
    Still Be Partially




    Must Find What
    Keeps A Balance😊🙌

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      1. BeCoME A Wittiest FooL

        Here, Try This One on For Size, Vivek, Every Two Weeks, i write
        A Free Verse Long Form Poem, Averaging 60,000 Words,
        And 9.3 MiLLioN Words Whole For the Longest EPiC Long Form

        Poem Ever Written in Free Verse (SonG oF mY SoUL) 5 Times Longer

        Than ‘the Mahabharata’ That

        Took Innumerable

        Authors And


        To Bring to Print

        And HAha, Being Financially

        Independent, i have no Need for

        ‘Linked-in’ or Affirmation From Anyone

        To Do What i Love to do Just For Fun; No

        Different than 14,896 Miles of Public Dance NoW in 93

        Months, Where my Common Experience At Close to 61

        Years of Age, Yes Still Leg Pressing Up to 1520 Pounds,

        More Than Elite Warrior Dudes At My Military Gym,

        Is Folks Yelling Out their Car Windows, ‘Legend’

        And Such as That; the Most Uncomfortable

        Experience of All Was When Folks Bow

        To me With their Hands Clasped

        In Prayer ‘Mocking Worship’;

        i am Just A Feather

        In the Breeze;

        Just Spiraling PHI’

        Another Nautilus

        Still Building A ‘Milky

        Way’ Now For When my ‘Day

        of Rest’ Now Comes i’ll Just Dance

        Sing Freely Thank You For this Gift of Life Love

        i Dam Sure Lived… The Proof Still Exists… Now…

        Smiles my FRiEnD, Some of Us Don’t Need Credentials,

        Even When We Stand Naked In Front of A World Now…

        Today, is the Anniversary of my Father’s Death, May 22nd, 2014

        And You Know What, He Would See No Value in Anything I’ve Done

        in Dance or Song; All He Cared About Was Money And Was Shocked

        That i Saved 6 Times More Than He Did in the Bank; Yet You See

        i Never


        Spending Money…

        So It Just Grew Like Mold in the Bank…

        Anyway, It Helped me Become Financially Independent at Age 47…

        It’s Really Easy to Do As LonG As We Don’t Fall to ‘The Western Illusion’…

        i am NOT A ‘Consumer’;

        i Am A ‘Giver’; Some

        Folks Enjoy

        All that i Give;

        Others None, Particularly,

        Those Who See Little Value in Love or Original Art…

        Not Unlike ‘Krishna/Shiva’; i Play, i Dance, i Sing, i Play in Meditative Flow

        This is No Competition, This iS Only Play, Dance, And Sing BREaTHE LoVE;


        i Do ‘Kali’

        As i am Only

        Human And ‘Demon’ too…:)

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      2. SMiles Vivek, Born on the Autism Spectrum, Not Able
        to Speak Until 4, Additionally Born With Extreme

        Sensitivity to All of the Environment; Both
        Feelings and Senses As Part of that

        Condition, Just About Everything

        in My Life Overwhelmed

        Me, Until 53 Years-Old as When

        i was in my 40’s, i Still Had Difficulty

        Coming Up With Just One Page of Anything

        Other than Technical Lists Working For the Government;

        Additionally, Part of that Condition was Being Very Uncomfortable

        In my Body And Moving Through All Environments too Physically

        As Such too; It All Started With One Word for the Poetry And One

        Step for the Public Dancing That has come now to the 9.3 MiLLioN

        Words And 14,906 Miles of Public Dance Tonight; yes More than Half

        the Distance Around the Globe Doing Both Endeavors Again in

        The Same Last 93 Months Ongoing; The Purpose

        of this Is Not A Target Audience; it is the

        All ‘Autotelic Meditation’ That

        Writing in Flow And

        Dancing in

        Flow Brings;

        Prana By Indian

        Metaphor Or Tao

        Or Satori or Chi or Samadhi

        Or Kundalini Rising Again Just

        Basically Autotelic Flow Per Secular

        Description; Basically Opening Up Our Entire

        Mind’s Potential Effortless in Ease; Yet Increasing

        Complexity Tween Anxiety And Apathy Now; Same applies
        to the Martial Arts i Do As i Spend my Life in Bliss this way;

        The Journey, All Paths Are Eternal Now Heaven; This Reality

        Within i experience Doing it, These Words Are Only Fumes

        And This Is Not A Rare Experience as it is Reported All

        Through History for those Who Do Achieve Autotelic

        Flow; Not So Common To Stay in this State of Being

        Almost Every Moment of the Day; Yet It’s True, Science

        Shows It is Regenerative And a Real Fountain of Youth;

        Increasing Human Creativity by Empirical Measure of

        5 Fold With Just 30 Minutes of Meditative Flow, 3 Times A Week….

        Yet Imagine What A Person Could Do Staying In A State of ‘Prana’

        Always Now; By The Day i Pass away, the Results will All be in Hehe…:)

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      3. Hehe i Literally
        Read 20 Times
        Faster Than the
        Average Human
        Now And Also
        Type up To 130
        Words Per Minute
        When in Focus of




        The Breaks
        On 8 Words
        Like Screeching
        Tires to A Stop

        As A Ferrari For Me HAha…

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  3. To be honest I don’t like LinkedIn. It never served the purpose for me i.e. finding job opportunities and I think Naukri is way better than LinkedIn in this case. Another reason is the hypocrisy and marketing done by company’s high level people. There is too much positivity and kindness flowing in there and sometimes I find it hard to believe because reality I have experienced is far from the picture on LinkedIn.

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    1. Okayy… Actually it’s difficult for me to connect with people from my field on other platforms.. that’s the reason maybe I enjoy it so much. I also get reminders for useful webinars n all.. yes there is too much positivity sometimes… But I feel it’s like necessary.. at least somewhere there is positivity in business world.. there are too many negative news everywhere so… That’s why. But thank you for sharing your perspective Pratik! Its really good to hear from you after a long time. 🙂


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