Savouring the rains

Ah! Rains…..

I always fell short of words while describing rain… How can one describe something so beautiful so magical into words?!

I get a different beautiful vibe when it rains… It feels like rain touches my soul somehow… It makes me so happy from within.

Today I was enjoying one such beautiful rainy day…🌧️❤️

Rain brings back lots of beautiful happy memories… I remember the time when I met my friends for the first time in college. The college started in June and it was monsoon. Luckily all three of us LOVE rain!! So when it started raining as we were in college.. I remember everyone was seeking some kind of shade, standing under the main porch or opening their umbrellas and the three of us were holding hands tightly and laughing in rain… I still remember there was no one around the road was wet, there were trees on the both side of road (in college premises) and we were holding hands and walking in rain. I had so much fun that day!! And it had been just one month since got to know eachother. But we bonded perfectly!

One more memory I have of walking with my best friend aimlessly on the roads… Going to the places we haven’t been before and exploring the place in a different way. Having some snacks along the way, clicking pictures.. goofing around. I also remember going to the movies with her when we were partially wet in the rain.. and also the kind of weird looks we were getting while being there. :p

I remember the time when it rains and me and my sister going on the terrace to watch it.. and hugging eachother tightly and screaming with joy… And mom scolding us to get inside the house and reminding us that we will get sick.

The most recent memory I have is when it rained when I was in my office. Some people were annoyed that now they would have trouble getting home… But I was feeling the weather! That day we ordered Vadapav and chai for everyone in the office and we talked laughed…. And that was the most beautiful memory of office I have till now. ❤️

When it rains, I like to just close my eyes and feel it… The cold breeze into my hair, the rain drops gently falling on skin, the beauty and magic of it all! Just amazes me.. takes me to another world altogether… One full of happiness and joy! 🌼😊

6 responses to “Savouring the rains”

  1. Treasuring the Rain Feeling The Tears

    Touching The Joy of FRiEnDS

    Holding What



    Now The Rain of

    Love Sweet Rain

    Story Indeed Vrunda

    Keep Raining my FRiEnD..:)


  2. It’s totally how i feel about it!! I love rain so much! 💕

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    1. Ikr! 😍😍😍 The weather and all its simply magical🌧️💖

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      1. Yeah exactly~🥲💕

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      2. How are you Yiena? Hope everything at your end ❤️


      3. Everything is well* at your end


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