How to make good things better

I was talking to my friend yesterday. We didn’t meet this year at all. Since the lockdown it has been hard to catch up and we were busy with our own… stuff.

I was speaking to her over the phone when I found myself checking Insta and stories on WhatsApp

If my mom would have seen this I’d have been scolded for like an hour or so.

“Haye ram.. kitni baar bola h is ladki ko ki ek time pe ek kaam kiya kar.. phone se itna kya lagav ki baat karte hue bhi stories dekh rahi h… jitna isko phone se dur rakho utna pareshan karti h.. kya karu main iska”


But still relatable.

It went on for like fifteen minutes and I was just saying “yes…. hmm…”

And she figured this out and asked me something silly and I said yes!

I felt so bad and apologised to her. Of course, she was mad.

But it’s not just about that situation. The fact that we have so much to do these days… you know.. its like we do not want to sit still for one single moment.

We want to something with our hands, so we scroll mindlessly through social media sites. We can’t concentrate on what is going in front of us, because we are busy thinking about something else.

Soo my point is; that it’s very easy for us to multitask. It is something we do mindlessly. Because there are so many thoughts in our mind and we feel like we have to catch up with so much, do so many things, so we multitask.

But that doesn’t work. Instead we find ourselves spending more time doing things, because we don’t get it right the first time.

Sometimes it happens that we have an entire heavenly experience in front of us and we are busy thinking about something else or doing something else.

There are soo many small amaaazing, beautiful things in our life that come and go while we are busy doing something else.

The beauty in nature, that soothing cold breeze when it rains…. We miss that because we are busy making sure we don’t get wet.

The mental image that we can capture every time we see our loved one laughing like a kid… We miss that because we are thinking about something else.

The meaningful conversation with your friend that makes you feel alive and gives you opportunity to reflect into your own soul and feel connected…. We miss that because we are getting late to go somewhere else.

I know some of these things are unavoidable. I do it many times.

But we can at least remind ourselves to be in the moment when we are doing some activity.

Its a very simple thing actually, but not easy. But we need to do it.

Even if the activity is good enough, you will have BEST experience when you are fully present.

2 responses to “How to make good things better”

  1. Absolutely, beautifully written vrunda ❤️


  2. SMart


    Two Words
    That Are Literally
    60 Percent Art Without

    The Art Part All That’s Left

    Is S And M And HE No Big Surprise Vrunda

    Really As Without Art Without Understanding

    Without Social Empathic Artistic Intelligences

    That Are Big Picture Cognition That Rule As the

    Master of Our Metaphor of Right Brain Hemisphere


    All That’s Left

    Is Using Things

    And Apprehending

    Solutions For All the Problems

    Humans Create In Abstract Construct

    Ways of Word Think Following Us Around

    In Past And Future Distance, Space, And Time

    All Matters of Illusion We Continue to Create Now

    So Separate From All the Other Intelligences That

    Allow Us to Even Be Fully Human And Even Social
    Mammal Now True Look Back 200 Years Ago and

    This Is Not The Cultures That Humans Are Evolved

    To Survive in And Surely Not THRiVE iN As Much

    As Before As It’s true Per Study in the

    1930’s in the Last Depression

    in the United States

    People Were

    5 to 8 Fold

    Less Likely to Be Depressed…

    True We Will Cover Human Nature

    Up With All These Clothes Yes Tools We

    Wear And Become And Lose Who We Even Are Hint: Love…

    Deeply Moving Connecting And Co-Creating In Flow of Humanity

    Stronger Happier More Joyful Together Now It’s What Our Ancestors
    Did to Ascend

    And Many Still Do

    Transcending In Life
    ArT iN LiGHT Now Out

    oF DarKesT Nights THeNoW..:)


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