Do you watch reality shows?

Since a few years, watching reality shows together every weekend has been a tradition in my family.

And I loveee watching these shows! Especially the dance shows. Currently I am watching SuperDancer and it is sooooo good!

I mean.. I am always fascinated by how these small kids can manage to dance so well. Its like being a part of their journey. You see them through the audition, and then you see them perform with their choreographers. And you see how much they have improved and how better they can do!

I feel awe when I watch them perform. There was also this show called Dance+ with Remo D’Souza. And 😍😍😍….

It was my favourite show. (It is.. but it’s not going on currently so..) I loved watching the team V Unbeatables. It was pure joy watching them perform. This is the same team who won the season two of America’s Got Talent : The Champions.

I am not much fan of dancing, but I love watching others dance.

There is this boy in SuperDancer who was rejected in the earlier season and they told him “try again next year” and oh boy he did. He came back this year with a BANG! Its fascinating to see how much he has improved his art and how perfectly he does steps.

And the fact that being younger than all of us, he did show us how to take defeats. He did not lose his heart and he worked harder. Now he is the star of the show.

I feel inspired sometimes while watching these shows. You see them grow and work hard and shine. I feel good during these times.

5 responses to “Do you watch reality shows?”

  1. More than dance, singing appeals to me more – personally. This time the Indian Idol participants were on fire! The quality of singing was simply wow!

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    1. I am surprised we never talked about this before… I love that too! I like Arunita and Shanmukhpriya.. too good!


  2. SMiLes Dear Vrunda

    Create The Reality

    Show You Love

    to Star in Most

    True For Now
    Soothing to Watch TV too…

    Give My Wife A TV And She
    Is Happy And Complete Enough now

    Not me Zoom Zoom Zoom Screen or Not..:)

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    1. Okayyy.. I see your wife and I have one thing in common ❤️

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      1. Haha Yes Vrunda Katrina
        Had 4 Shows Recording
        On The DVR At Once

        When We

        Came Home

        Last Night





        Standing in
        Line to Watch Live TV😂


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