Being satisfied or wanting more?

When you are just starting out, there is this constant struggle to weather be satisfied with what you have or accept the fact that you want something more… Much more.

In the begining when we start our journey, our career, we have high expectations from ourselves. I do! I am satisfied and kinda okay with where I am right now but at the same time I also know that this is not the same place I want to be 5 years from now.

This is actually what motivates me. What better motivation than the fact that you are not where you want to be!

I struggle with being satisfied these days. I know we should be satisfied with where we are at any point in journey, but its just a little harder in the beginning.

You feel like you have the control over your life but at the same time it’s not complete control since you are just starting out. So during this phase you are mostly dissatisfied with yourself.

But then again, you know you have to be satisfied or else you will just keep on accumulating wealth and “stuff” and you nothing will be able to satisfy you in the end.

I come from a culture where being passionate or wanting more is not considered good. We are taught to be satisfied with what we have and also at the same time encouraged to go for what we want.

Sometimes the balance between being satisfied and wanting more is just not there. On some days I just want to pause time and enjoy this moment and wish this would last forever. On some days I want to fast forward everything and see myself 5 years later living the kinda life I have envisioned for myself.

Striking balance between these two is really hard. But I am trying.

Sometimes I just engage myself in work and try to distract myself from all these thoughts. Just like I am going to do right now. 😉

3 responses to “Being satisfied or wanting more?”

  1. Ah Yes Vrunda To Be Totally Focused on the
    Task At Hand in Flow Sweet Spot Tween Apathy
    And Anxiety Where There Is No Future Or Past

    To Worry About Now

    Just Totally Engaged
    In The Present Now
    Always Hungry For

    More Complexity

    Yet What is Come

    Now Is Truly Enough

    So Far With More To Come

    To Stimulate Mind
    And Body Balance

    Yes In Flow


    My Best this
    Way For me
    i Let the Results
    of What i Do Speak

    When They Are Ready With

    Really No Real Goals yet of Course

    Obviously Being Financially Independent

    Has a Lot to Do With Having This Kind of Freedom
    to Pursue Human Potentials No Employer or Target
    Audience Controls Yet It’s True i Always Stay Satisfied

    When i Balance Unless i Start Worrying About Something

    i Don’t Have i Need to Add to the Pie of Life Again i Just Let

    It All Come Free Yet of Course i am Fortunate Enough to Feel

    Like All

    Is Enough

    As Long As My

    Mind And Body Soul

    In Balance is Evolving More now
    Evolving More Now Again Not Concerned
    With Any Destination As i Feel i Am Arrived
    Whole As Human No Matter Where And What i Do Next..:)


  2. I enjoyed your post. With ambition can come disgust with your current circumstances. You might think that you will not be happy until you receive more. There is a way though to be content with what you have now and still have something to do and to achieve each day.

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    1. Yess Michael. I am trying to keep up the balance between both emotions… Its difficult though… But anyway.. thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts ❤️❤️❤️🙏


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