What is a Positivity ratio?

Oh yes! There is a Positivity ratio. It is the ideal ratio of positive to negative events in our life that help us thrive.

Interesting, isn’t it?

We know that too much Positivity is not helpful. Being positive all the time doesn’t help you ‘grow’ as a mentally, emotionally healthy individual. But then a very important question arises – how much?? Experiencing how much positive emotions and how much negative is healthy?

Barbara Fredrickson and Marcial Losada found the ideal ratio where we move from languishing to flourishing.

The ratio is – 2.9

Let’s just consider 3 for convenience. It means that you need three genuine, heartfelt positive emotions for every one negative emotion.

If we consider about this ratio in a week then approximately we need 12 Positive emotions for 4 negative emotions in a week. 12/4 = 3.

FUN FACT – there is also a ratio above which more posivitiy can be toxic. It is 10 I guess… (not sure!)

But yes, too much positivity can also be toxic. It’s the point where positivity starts loosing it’s essense.

This ratio states two things –

1. We need to create more positive emotions than negative emotions in our life to thrive.

2. We also need negative emotions along with positive to thrive.

One more FUNFACT – In relationships this ratio is 5. You need 5 positive feelings or interactions for every one negative feeling or interaction between partners.

Think about your own relationship. How many positive interactions do you initiate? If you have just started dating maybe the positive interactions are more. But as time passes, after 6 months or a year you get comfortable with each other and leave positive emotions to chance. It does not remain your priority anymore. Because we know eachother well and guess that’s enough.

But sometimes it’s not. Especially if you are having a lot of fights in your relationship. Its not wrong to fight but it is also equally important to have good quality positive interactions to balance that.

Barbara Fredrickson talks about Prioritising Positivity. We need to prioritise creating more positive emotions within our relationships and also in our life as general.

What do you think is your ratio of Positivity? And how do you plan to change that?

6 responses to “What is a Positivity ratio?”

  1. SMiLes Dear Vrunda Some Studies Suggest
    The Average American Entertains A Ratio of
    5 to 1 Negative Thoughts in a Day First

    Clue the Study Done In America
    Focusing On Words Yes

    Thoughts Like Psychology
    Does in Cognitive Behavioral

    Therapy Missing the Right

    Brain Metaphor of Truth

    That it is our Silent Mind

    Of Feeling And Sensing

    Big Picture Life That

    Is Root in


    And Senses Actually
    Driving All Our Actions

    Yes including Thoughts Associated

    With those Feelings And Senses too…
    So How Shall We Entertain More Positive
    Emotions Shall We Sit Still Meditate And

    Focus On Mantras Repeating Them Over
    And Over Until We Ascend And Transcend

    Our Worries Or Shall We Free Dance Where

    The Source Of Our Emotions and Senses Come

    Most Yes Through Moving Meditation no

    Different Than A Lion Gracefully

    Moving Across a Savannah

    In Some What of a

    ‘Gay’ Way of

    Balance Now

    Conserving Every

    Calorie That Means Life to Come
    By Becoming FRiEnDS With Gravity
    Most Yes Master of Balancing Life For Living Best

    Hehe Meanwhile We Human Beings Tend to ‘Force
    Results’ Rather Than Becoming FRiEnDS With Gravity

    This Way Yet We Have Advantages As We May Create

    Hacks With Our Cognitive Rational Abilities to Master

    The Within Part of Our Inner UNiVeRSE Greater in Balance too…

    True Instant Gratification Is Not The Way of Nature Intermittent

    Gratification in A Struggle to Survive and Thrive in Animal

    Homeostasis of Balance Best Is As “John B. Calhoun”
    Did An Experiment in the 60’s Building A Rat
    Utopia of Instant Gratification Free For All

    You Can Eat Buffet of Life And the
    Rats Lost Their Drive For Social
    Roles and Even Reproduction
    No Longer Defending Their
    Territory As The Male

    Rats Become The
    ‘Beautiful Ones’
    With No Scars
    Incessantly Grooming
    Themselves All Day Just
    to Escape The Emptiness With
    No Drive In the Struggle of Life to Survive
    And Thrive In Balance of DarK And Light SMiLes

    Dear Vrunda My Life Hack For Happiness Is Learning
    to ‘See in the DarK’ i Public Dance in the Area Where it
    Will Be Least Appreciated i make Sure i Go Back to Places
    of Poetry Where That Will Be Least Appreciated too and

    Learn to See in the DarK By Creating My Own Happiness
    Through Bio-Feedback of Meditative Flow in Writing And
    Ascending Transcending Public Dance In Sweet Spot of
    Flow Tween Apathy And Anxiety True Yes the Balance

    Of the Lion FRiEnDS With Gravity Conserving Every
    Calorie to Survive on the Savannah Hehe in My Case
    In A Very Conservative Closed Minded Town in
    Walmart Where Trump is the Favorite Flavor
    of the Day for Most Still And True i Also

    Visit A Very Systemizing Place Named
    The ‘Wrong Planet’ Online too Where
    The Art of Philosophy
    Religion And


    Is Studied
    More As Science
    Than Art As i Provide
    The Right Brain Metaphor
    of Art in Doing That in the
    Part of the Mind That Largely
    Has Gone Dark For them Focusing
    On Yang of Systemizing more than
    Yin of Social Empathic Spiritual Artistic Mind

    of Soul By HeART Feeling Sensing The World Move
    Us More Than Stagnate Us in What is only Learned Before…

    And A Best Part of Generating Light in the Dark Is Once
    You Come to A Nice Place oF LiGHT Like This You Never
    Run Out of Give to Return as You Come to Appreciate the
    Night No Different than the Day Problem Today is the

    Night is All Lit

    Up Where The

    Day Is No Longer

    Sweet As it once was
    True Though After A Pandemic
    Finally Ends it Will Be Easier For Folks
    To Truly Feel the Day Once Again And Appreciate the Light

    Some Folks in the Military Will Tell You The Happiest They
    Ever Were is the Only Time They Felt Like They Lived Presently
    Now in Bloody Combat True though it’s A Lot Safer to Achieve

    the Same



    In A Walmart

    Where Trump

    Still Wears A Crown

    of Personal Savior for Most

    It’s All About the Lessons of Bootcamp

    It’s All About Creating Our Own Safer And Avoiding War..

    And Now It’s All About Writing A Very Long Comment on

    Vrunda’s Blog For i Find Your Blog Posts Very Inspiring


    Much Now
    Dear Vrunda With SMiLes..:)

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  2. This is fascinating!! It really does make sense how we need a ratio of positives and negatives for that balance in life. 💖

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    1. Ikr! This helps us track our own positivity score and makes us realise that creating more positive emotions should be our priority ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Illuminating post❣️

    So important to maintain a healthy ratio because it takes much time and practice throughout our lifetime to squelch negative thoughts before they escalate.

    A worthy goal to nurture a healthy positive outlook 😘🥰

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    1. YESSSS!!! Thank you for your kind words and support Teri! Means a lot🥺❤️

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