When things are not going well… Especially these days.

I have found myself wishing that in few years everything will magically work out..

Like in next 5 years..

I’d have an awesome job

My life will look like those picture perfect from Insta

I’ll have loving people all around me

I’ll work hard and enjoy harder

I’ll travel the world in a carefree way……

These are the things I wish would happen… Or maybe I belive will happen

But I sometimes wish this struggling period, of being 22 year old… Should be skipped. Because there’s so many things not going according to plan

So many rejections.. so many distractions..

Life is tough

And this is just the beginning!


Adulting can be fun for a while

But it’s a lot of work

And pressure

I constantly feel a need of break these days… Going on beach for 3-4 days.. enjoying.. living life finally!

But it’s not happening.

That’s when this quote by Deepak Chopra resonated with me.

We always try to find temporary solutions to recurring problems.

Like for example if I’m not enjoying work, I’ll try to find happiness elsewhere.

But I won’t stop for a moment and think.. what is it exactly about my work that I don’t like? How would I want it to be different? What change do I need to make? How exactly can I cope with this? Do I need to do something else?

These are the questions that I need to find an answer to in order to make everything right.

You cannot escape today’s troubles by finding temporary solution and wishing things will be different in coming days.


Until and unless you think about what is the issue and how can you change your actions to get better results, the problem won’t go away.

9 thoughts on “reality

  1. SMiles Society
    Teaches How
    To Fit into


    Do With


    Life Dear Vrunda

    As Now i Am
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    Just A Part
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    My Best
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  2. Let me tell you young lady that I think you’re “adulting” quite well and I dare say you’re ahead of the game. ❤️❤️🤗🤗

    You’re asking yourself the right questions even if you don’t receive the answers immediately. That is the part of “adulting” that stinks! 😂🤪

    Keep moving forward, no matter how much and keep asking yourself those questions to clarify your feelings or concerns.

    You’re doing great❣️🥰 The answers will come❣️🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww…. Really?
      I am not sure… Plus I am working now.. so getting different experiences. Like how things go in a company.. how to behave, what to do.. the rules and regulations. And I am the kinda person who doesn’t like rules at all! Ufff! Many things are hard to learn and apply….. But I know eventually everything will work out.
      There’s just a lot going on! 😅
      Thank you for your kind words Teri!❤️❤️❤️ I am always so happy to hear from you!
      I hope I make the right choices when it comes to career and stuff….. Godddd.. this is scary!!! One decision can make or break your life 😥


      1. Vrunda, I promise, you are NOT alone in all your feelings❣️ It’s part of transitioning into adulthood – LOTS of rules and regulations 😝😂🤪

        As far as the rules and regs at work go, you’ll respectfully & eventually adjust, in order to keep you job 😘

        Pay attention to what you like about your job, things you excel at and enjoy. That job may not end up being for you but is a good stepping stone for experience and learning what Vrunda is best at contributing. Then you’ll know which direction to head – and go fearlessly that way❣️🤗

        This is part of the zigging and zagging of our early twenties. We’re trying to figure out “who we are and how we’d like to contribute to this world”.

        And mistakes will happen but as long as you gave it the focus and consideration it deserves, don’t get too fearful of making one. You’ll survive. You’ll learn about yourself. You’ll grow. This is part of you young life. Figuring things out❣️😘🥰

        You’ll get it. This is a good learning experience for you and will be most useful to not view it as the prison sentence that it can sometimes feel like 😂😳

        You’re doing great❣️❤️🤗 Hold on to your optimism 👍🏻

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      2. Awww🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
        Teri… It feels like my mom or elder sister is talking to me❤️ I will remember all this.. and speaking of which.. you are right, yesterday was good at work.. I mean that’s the thing – some days will feel gloomy, sad, irritating, some days will feel like a blessing. We just have to be open and take all in and let the negative go. That’s the right thing to do I guess…
        I hope we meet some day and I get to learn more from you! Haha❤️ thank you for being so kind and caring😘❤️ Feel blessed to have connected with you 💖🤗

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      3. I’m so glad my words connect with you❣️ ❣️😘

        It’s good to have many sources of support and perspective and I think you’re an AMAZING young lady Vrunda. You’re right on track and considering many things in life beyond your years. But the 20s are a tumultuous time in our life ❤️❤️🤗🤗

        I’m always available for any support you may need. I too hope our paths cross one day but until then I’m right here ❤️🥰

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