A game that will help you live in a better way

Hello there! Beautiful people, I am back with a fun and interesting psychology game for y’all.

Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Let’s get started!

Okay so, I am going to tell you a few facts. And you are going to tell me how can you make the best possible use of these facts to live a better life.

How can you use these facts to your advantage?

Tell me in the comments below.

#Fact 1 – Positive emotions do not last long.

(emotions are fleeting. they don’t last for a longer period of time. but your brain likes to hold on to negative emotions….. ah! don’t blame yourself there’s a evolutionary reason for it)

#Fact 2 – Positive emotions reduce stress, heal psychological wounds, develop resilience, create wellbeing and life satisfaction.

(yeah! positive emotions have sooo many benefits. they are important. not just because they feel good but also because they do good. you gotta create more of these in your life)

#Fact 3 – Neurons that fire together, wire together.

(whatever you feel, sad or happy gets encoded into your brain. when you replay the negative incidents 100 times in your brain, the more deeply they get encoded)

#Fact 4 – The neural networks in your brain can be changed. By changing what you focus on.

(sounds awesome right! if you do something over and over again, it will come naturally to you. for eg – if instead of complaining that you are pessimistic, you practice optimistic thinking every day, after a period of time your brain will actually be trained to think in optimistic manner)

#Fact 5 – Negativity bias makes it hard for brain to encode positive event into neural network.

(negative is more stronger than the positive. basically. this is what it means. at least when it comes to catching attention of your brain, negative is more quickly spotted and recorded in the brain than positive.)

Soooo my dear friends,

These are the 5 facts that you need to keep in mind.

Based on these, think about how in your daily life can you make use of these to encode positive emotions in your brain.

To live a happier and better life.

Try to come up with a detailed answer that will make use of all of these facts and will not contradict any fact.

Good luck!!

Am I clear enough?

I hope so.

I was reading about all this just thought of presenting all this information in a different way for you all. I hope you guys come up with different ways to use these facts.

And change your life for the better!

One response to “A game that will help you live in a better way”

  1. Yes Yes, Negative Feelings And Emotions Namely All Associated

    With Fear And Grief Are Most Powerful As They Warn Us

    Basically Not to Fall And Die

    And to Get Up And Make

    New Human Connections

    As Humans Evolutionary Speaking

    In Ancestral Past Do Not Survive Independently

    Yet We Have a Conundrum Now That Defeats so

    Much of Our Natural Propensity to Survive and Thrive

    OverComing Darkness With Lights of Getting Up and Feeling

    Connections Brighter With Others and That is of Course

    Again All Our Tools All Our Metaphor of Clothes We

    Wear that Take the place of Kind Hugs to Rise

    Up Literally With other Folks True in

    Zoo We Will Find A Group of

    Monkeys in Fear hugging

    Each Other When
    Humans Threaten

    Their Home Space Yes Apes

    Stronger Together now What Do Humans

    Do We Press Likes on Facebook Feeds Is this as

    Complete As A Group Hug as a Village Rising

    Up From Fear and Grief and All Associated

    Darker Emotions of Life the Answer

    is Obviously No Unless one never

    Even Has Ever Experienced

    A Group Hug With

    A Naked Village

    Of Love

    As Apes Are Still

    ALLoWeD to Do to Rise up

    Together Out of Fear and Grief…

    We Make Life so Complicated We Lose our Soul

    We Lose Our Love We Lose All that makes Life Worth

    Breathing Now


    When We

    Decided We Needed

    to own things to dominate

    Nature and Become A Virus

    A Zombie Pandemic Culture So Clothed

    With Tools Missing Even the Empathy for

    The Only Home and Potential For Heaven We Will Ever

    Have Now Nature for Humans simply A Naked Hug in Balance…

    For as We Destroy Nature We Destroy Our Own Face of God True…

    Oh How


    The Fires of Hell We

    Create Just to come
    Back Home and BREaTHE Love Free…

    All the Cliff Notes online Will Never
    Replace the Hug of A Village of Naked Apes…

    i know i feel i sense for when i lost my Soul i saw a Group

    of Naked Apes Hugging in Zoo on TV And realized i lost it all….

    For Even in the Zoo They had More Breath than i Had left

    in a much



    Human Zoo We’ve
    Created And Even lost to see…

    After that i Dance and Sing And

    Come Back Home Complete A Hug

    i am A Smile A Greatest Gift oF ALL iN Gratitude Of Love..:)


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