hold it close

When you want to feel loved

When you want to feel confident

When you want to feel happy

But you are feeling the exact opposite

Have a glance

At your daily life

Look for the little moments

That make you feel loved

By your friends or family

Or even when a stranger asks “how are you?”

Hold on to that feeling

Think about the time

When you overcame a obstacle you thought you couldn’t

But you did

Imagine how you felt

Confident? Strong? Tough?

Hold on to that feeling

Notice the little joys in life

Eating your favourite food, hearty laugh with friends

Maybe some deep meaningful conversations with your partner or friend

Hold on to that feeling

Let that fill you up

Let the happiness, gratitude, bliss consume you

Let your heart expand in gratitude and awe

Replay the happy memories from time to time

To remind yourself of their presence

To remind yourself there is good in life

To remind yourself that in these little moments

Your needs are being met

Even if they are little,

Focus on them and cherish their value

You will feel warmth in your heart and smile on your face

That’s how you fill the empty hole in your heart my friends

one positive feeling at a time

© Vrunda Chauk

15 thoughts on “hold it close

      1. Ooohh wow! You like hoil? I haven’t played it since few years now….. But anywayyy I have been good. Busy with work and stuff… Doing WFH lately and I just realised one thing… Work from home is nottttt my thing! 😄


  1. SMiLes Dear Vrunda Indeed Emotions Senses Are

    Life Too Often We Humans Get Lost in Tools

    All the Clothes That Tend to Cover Our

    Nature of Feeling Sensing Life

    There is Gratitude in

    Material Objects

    And Abstract Constructs

    Bought And Sold in all the Ways

    That Comes Yet there is Naked Gratitude
    For the Feelings And Senses of Life The Gifts

    That Everlast Most Within We Receive And Give

    And Share Even More When We Come to Value

    Core of our Souls Hearts Spirits in Feeling and

    Sensing Life As Essence Nature All We are

    Flowers And Trees Birds and Bees

    All the Circle of Life Beauty

    Wisdom Courage



    Kindness Deeply

    Feeling Giving Sharing

    Caring That Makes Each Breath

    Worthwhile Even More True

    Art Expressing All Colors

    of Life And



    For Gifts Life Brings

    We Record in Leaves Feeding

    Trees Holding Whole Trees in Seeds

    That Leaves Falling in Art Always Continue to Feed Now

    As Living Trees to Breathe Even More Free in Loving Joy..:)


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