no drama

Before I met you

I was prepared

For every possible struggle

Little did I knew

This time it was going to be

As effortless as breathing



8 responses to “no drama”

  1. Nice… though it’s hard to find someone like this😛 lucky u

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    1. I mean… Not 24*7 effortless… 😜😂 But yeah… I used to watch Matthew Hussey’s videos about how to say the right thing and do the right thing how to analyse guys while dating and stuff…. but this time I didn’t really need much of that. It does seem easy and fun to be with him.. without any games and pressure and drama 😅❤️

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      1. Yeah I know what u r talking about… well everyone deserves that kind of love… specially an overthinker…they need love that feels easy…love that can calm their mind and brings peace…
        Congrats for finding one…☺️

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      2. That’s so true!
        Thank you so much Lavanya!!
        I pray you find one too! And if you have one, I hope you both stay together 💗💕

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  2. Love Is Breath
    Top And Bottom
    Lines All Around Truly
    Free To See
    To Be i Am
    So Fully ALiVE



    Now We Feel

    And Sense So Real🎁🙏


  3. Bhandari Shishir Avatar
    Bhandari Shishir

    Lovely to hear from you

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