Let’s talk

Hi folks,

I am so happy that this blog has grown to have more than 1530 followers!!

In just two years!

I am so grateful and happy to have each and every one of you showering me with your love and support all this time.

A BIG thank youuu and warm hug♥️

As I want to express my gratitude (and grow as a psychologist)

I am going to start something fun on the blog.

I’d have called it –

Ask the expert

But you guys know I’m no expert.

So I am going to call it –

Sharing with a friend.

Where you can mail your question to me. You can ask advice about any problem you might be facing and I will try to use my positive psychology knowledge to help you deal with the situation.

More than anything – I will listen.

I know it’s a hard time and even if I could make it little bit bearable, I’ll be happy to do so!

All you have to do is – ask me your question or share anything you need help with on my mail – chaukvrunda@gmail.com

Every week I will try to post one story sent to me (your name will stay anonymous) and I will suggest my advice.

Please note that I am no professional. And this is not at all equal to therapy, it’s just a friendly advice.

I really hope you like this segment as you have always showered love on my posts.

I couldn’t be more blessed to you all with me here.

Thank you! ❤️

13 thoughts on “Let’s talk

  1. Yes Yes!
    Never too
    Early Now
    To Start
    A Practice
    Of Lifting
    To All
    Life Breathes
    DarK Thru LiGHT


    A Home



    Others Still
    To Come Painting

    Life More

    All FLoWeRS

    And THoRNS

    RiSinG Roses


    Ways of Love☺️🙌


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