When you feel like you’re not enough..

Do you feel this?

Like everyone around you has it better…

They have better relationships than you do

They have better clothes, gadgets and things than you do

They have better life overall than you do….

Sometimes this comparison can make you feel so little… tiny….

You feel left out… From the big group of those who have-it-all

“I never get anything when I really want it” I find myself saying this too often these days..

It feels like you’re falling into the deep blackhole and you’ve nothing to hold on to

And it feels like you’re alone here… Everyone is actually pretty happy with their lives

You also feel like disconnecting from everyone..

You feel like they all are better than you and you somehow don’t deserve to be with them

You feel lost….

Left out…

Without a clue about what to do or how to feel better about yourself… and your “situation”

Maybe this is exactly the time you need connection

Maybe this is exactly the time you need to feel grateful for what you have

Maybe this is exactly the time you need to be kind and compassionate to yourself

You can say something like –

I know I don’t have as many things as others do. But maybe what I need right now is not to have the latest gadget but to be satisfied with what I have. There is this need of having better stuff than others, strong desire to be better than others, but it won’t go away if I feed it.

I need to tell myself I already have enough.

Lemme count all the things that I have and I feel blessed to have them. Let me just take a moment to appreciate all I have.

I know I need more. It would be really cool to have that expensive drawing stuff because I love drawing so much.

But I really need to be kind to myself. It’s okay. I know I’m not the only one experiencing this. Many people must be feeling this way. I am not alone. Yes, I know it hurts, but I also know things won’t be the same in few years.

Things will change. I have the ability and willingness to change the course of my life. I need to trust myself and carry on.

I need to connect with people. My people. My loved ones. The people whom I can count on. Who know me truly and who want to be with me and see me succeed.

All I need is their support, their love and care. I need to talk to someone who really understands me. Who encourages me to do better. Withdrawal can seem like a easy thing to do. But it won’t help. I need my people.

So I basically applied all the positive psychology principles I knew about and wrote this.

And now I seriously feel much better.

I am going to read this every time I feel so again!

Hope you guys find it helpful too!

Sending love ❤️

4 responses to “When you feel like you’re not enough..”

  1. That’s the illusion spread by corporations; THEY have it better than you, if you just had these things that we sell, you’d be happy too. It’s an illusion. True happiness comes from within.

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  2. Lovely words Vrunda. You don’t need much to be happy. Society has made betterment and consumerism obsessions of ours but true peace comes from understanding you have everything you need right now. The practise of gratitude and acceptance are vital in my eyes. Your ego will always want more. Some people spend their whole lives accumulating wealth and yet never figure that out. It’s a trap – your ego isn’t interested in your happiness but only your survival. So it keeps telling you that you need this next great thing to be happy. That kind of happiness is always extremely short lived. The deeper lasting kind of happiness that we all wish for comes from living a life of greater purpose and meaning. I wish you well all the best, AP2 🙏

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  3. SMiLes Where i Am
    From it is Often
    Vapid And or
    Men Worry
    They Are not
    Big And Strong
    Enough Women
    Worry They Are
    Not Small And
    But You
    See i Am
    Just The Right
    Size i Fit in
    It’s An Art
    To Do
    This Fiber Optic
    Cable Hehe But
    It’s True Dear… Key
    Is Not Worrying About
    What Others Think i
    Stressed So Much
    Trying to Fit in
    On The Autism
    Spectrum all
    My Life that
    It Almost Killed
    Me And i Couldn’t
    Breathe so then i
    Is the
    Most important
    Part of Life and
    After 66 Months
    Of Hell Shut-in
    Ill i Found That
    No one Else but
    Less Than A Handful
    Of Folks Cares Whether
    i Existed or Not
    The importance
    Of Being True
    To oneself Free
    i Posted Pictures
    Of Myself in my
    Underwear for
    The Whole
    To See
    For it’s
    And Only
    Proof once You
    Go To Hell and
    Return to Heaven
    You Own Your
    Will Ever
    Taint them
    With or Without
    Ignorance of
    CuLTuRaL Clothes
    i Am Enough
    This Breath 💨


  4. This was lovely and great enough just that i want to add that life is not heaven and was never supposed to be and so one person has somethings ans surely doesn’t have many others and is searching for them! The difference is that some choose to be content with what they have while others struggle and always look at others’ grass from where comes “the grass is always greener on the other side..” Great work dear~🌸💝


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