She dreamt of starting her own boutique, she had a good fashion sense and could stitch really well

She wanted to start an NGO just for girls, partly because she knew the pain they were going through and mostly because she believed that with a little help, they could shine and live a happier and better life.

But she herself couldn’t stop her wedding taking place with a man she had just met once or twice

She was forced to let go of her dreams because, what good can she do? She is just a girl. Even if she did, in the end she has to get married and raise kids, why to even think of something else?

She got married

And acted according to her husband’s wish

She had to ask her husband every time for money, even if she wanted to buy a little something for herself

She had hobbies before marriage, now she had none

She thought about what he wanted and less about what she wanted

More of what he wanted and sometimes of what she wanted

More of what he wanted and rarely of what she desired

Then eventually

She forgot what it felt like to be herself. To make her own decisions and speak her mind.

She didn’t knew any longer what it felt like to think about herself and lived her life merely as a shadow of the man she was married to


9 thoughts on “Patriarchy

  1. Horrible. Everyone should have right to decide who they want to spend their life with.
    When it comes to money, I always talk to my husband. It’s ours together so if I wanted something for myself I talk to him and he does it to me too. Doing everything a husband want is wrong. They should be equals.

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    1. So true! If a woman takes care of the house isn’t it the husband’s duty to take care of her? People don’t understand this…. You know that’s why women here are encouraged to be educated and work by their parents. So that she won’t be financially dependent on her husband.
      Even if I imagined this story, it’s not fictional. It’s a reality I’ve observed

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      1. Well, fiction are often inspired by reality. And yes, women should also have education. It’s basic human rights. And exactly as you said, I take care of the house, so he takes care of me. I scold him when I feel his going out of boundary but I don’t need to do it, because I’m lucky enough to find a man, who think like me and respect women rights.


  2. This is actually quite frustrating.
    Most Indians tend to believe that providing access to education is what women empowerment is and that women should not ‘demand’ anything more than that. Although we see the good things happening when the Navy inducts their first female pilots, all those are exceptions and do not reflect what is the actual norm followed in the society at large.
    This is probably one of the longest battle we are fighting as a society, hope everyone turns up for it soon and stop limiting the potential of any individual based on their gender.

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  3. So powerful Vrunda. Sadly change takes time and demands excessive amounts of courage, energy and commitment to gain little ground yet that’s how every journey is made. One step at a time. Even the little ones.

    Beautiful exposition of an unfortunate arrangement. ❤️


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