this helps me get back up, always

I have noticed one thing.

Every time I feel sad, lonely, gloomy

There this one thing that cheers me up like nothing

And those effects last longer

Any guesses?

No not music… I mean it’s good… But when I’m actually pissed off I don’t really feel like listening to music because in my mind overthinking and overanalyzing is going on…

So reading?

It does actually, it helps me escape the dreadful reality that’s in front of me…

But that’s just an escape (I do feel more calm and stable after reading though)

But there is one more thing


Love expressed through the verbal assurance (i love you) and indirectly (genuine caring, supportive conversations) and through actions (doing something beautiful for me)

I was feeling very low the other day

And I had a very meaningful, nice chat with my best friend

She listened to me, understood me and made me feel much better

That uplifted my mood, calmed me down and gave me the strength to get back up again

This incident made me reflect, every single time I’ve felt low or sad or been really stressed

All it took to cheer me up was kind words, genuine support, encouraging smile, warm hug, relaxing good time spent with people I love

Isn’t this what we all need to get back up, even more stronger this time?

What works the best for you?

7 thoughts on “this helps me get back up, always

  1. Having someone at your side is the sweetest feeling, but when I’m down I usually like to be alone. I can’t handle music because my emotion will go into overdrive instead, what usually works is binge-watching some good tv-series or read a whole book until I calm down, then go to my husband and rant about my problems 😄

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  2. Oh dear~ sometimes i wish just to be hugged like a silent hug does wonders! I do share this bcs talking to my bestie brings peace and now writing too liberates me off the dark emotions and that’s i ve been copping up with negativity so far~ 🙈 Lovely one dear~ 💝


  3. At the end of the day, it’s people and good conversations with them. In some scenarios a good sleep also comes handy. But yeah, nothing like getting over the situation costing us a peace of mind. So yeah, not the one thing but a few that comes to rescue. 😁


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