Miraculous Ladybug

Any Miraculous fans here?

Well, count me in too!

Yesterday my sister was sooooo excited for the Miraculous New York special episode.

“Did you charge the laptop?”

“Is the net working properly?”

“I need to get some snacks for the show!”

She was running through the house managing all this stuff.

Now lemme tell you – I was not really a die-hard fan of Miraculous.

Yes, I said was

Because after yesterday’s episode, I can’t get it out of mind….

And I am eagerly waiting for season 4.

I must say, before this episode my sister got me excited by showing me all the memes from Pinterest, comics on Pinterest.

I was like “woah! Easy girl”

But tbh I did like all the memes…

Especially the one that said –

Everyone knows everyone’s identities….. Except those two idiots!


So yesterday, we planned everything.

We set up laptop, snacks, cold drinks, lights and cozy environment.

We basically had a mini party with Miraculous team.

And I must say, it was all worth it.

Super cool animation, wonderful super powers and Majestia!

Omg! She was sooooo cool!

All the superheroes were.

And they found a new miraculous there

I haven’t really watched a lot of stuff about superheros (except miraculous of course) So I didn’t knew what to expect really

But this was a good start.

What I like the most about this show is – that most superheros here are women!

I was like – yeah, now we’re talking… 😉

So overall it was a funnn time together

P.S – If you want to watch the episode and you’re not in U.S or France, check out @wayzzworld on Instagram.

13 thoughts on “Miraculous Ladybug

  1. I love this series. Despite the part that everyone should be able to recognize her easily with that mask, the story and the animation is great. I also posted my own review of the series in blog…😆
    I’m a diehard fan too and I’m sometimes pissed those two idiots can’t recognize each other 😂
    The episode where they actually found each other secrets and even kissed send me singing, but then I felt like breaking the screen when they forgot it again argh!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! Yess… Maybe they will do identity reveal in Season 4. Remember that episode where it kinda portrayed what would happen if they knew each other… That destruction and then through rabbit miraculous they went back in time… In all this I wonder how even Alya couldn’t figure out her bff is Ladybug! And her and Ninos help to bring them together is so nice…
      Hey btw… Did you see that song – Wall between us? It’s from the upcoming movie


      1. Haha good thing there’s a subbed. I understand it a bit because it’s I understand Spanish… and not to be mean the English version made me cringe, the guy squeeze his voice too much haha 😀
        I’ll watch the NY special 🙂
        Btw, I’m not sure if you’re into fanfiction but this one is cute:


  2. Not quite the fan but i used to sit btw my brothers when they watched it 🙈 i can’t lie but her character is charming~ lovely post dear~ 💖🙈


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