It’s all about the journey

Will you be happy after winning a lottery?

Hell yes!

Let me rephrase

How long do you think you will be happy after winning lottery of 5 million dollars?

Maybe you need it a lot

And you think you will be happy forever…

At least for many years…

Research was done on lottery winners to see how long their happiness lasted.

To their surprise and opposite of what they predicted,

They returned to their baseline level of happiness within six months or a year.

It means they eventually became as happy as they were before winning the lottery.

This sounds surprising, doesn’t it?

But it is true.

Now we all think we will have different experience if we win a lottery.

(we think – I know mostly people don’t sustain happiness for long term, but I know I will. I will make some strategic moves… And my life will be different! Changed for the better……)

So let’s take a simple example –

Remember the last time you bought something that you thought will make you sooooooo happy!

For me it will be buying Mickey’s Tee shirt and some cute Disney accessories (kidding! Not!)


So anyway…

Remember the time you bought something you really wanted to have… Since long time… (no, not a puppy)

You felt happy for maybe like one month or so…

What happens after that?

You don’t feel the same level of happiness after some time

Maybe after some days, you don’t even look at the thing you brought….

Why is that?

Because of what we call in psychology – Hedonic Adaptation

It means that you adapt eventually to new circumstances in your life

And they don’t excite you that much after a point of time

If we think it like this..

Should we really have goals? And work our ass off so hard for goals that won’t even contribute to our happiness after some point?


Actually, we should.

Not for the end result, but for the joy and happiness we feel while striving towards those goals.

That’s why they say – Enjoy the journey!

You will be happy when you reach the destination

(Maybe that happiness will also fade quickly, but enjoying the process will make you feel satisfied and fulfilled)

And research also suggests that when you experience joy along the journey towards your goals, your well-being increases.

8 thoughts on “It’s all about the journey

  1. Life has been that ‘journey’s for me. Irrespective of the ups, downs and the swings in between…I’ve always looked at the larger picture – the journey.
    If I have to evaluate my own life..if I have to break my life into moments, situations and experiences…its been forgettable…
    ..but the fact that I’m still alive, smiling and doing things I enjoy doing on an everyday basis-im pretty content. Covid or no Covid, I’ve learnt to live life the way I’ve always wanted…focus on the journey and not the speed-breakers.
    Lovely post Vrunda. I see the psychology has been firmly embedded into your published posts, here on WordPress. That’s nice


  2. I want to add that when you get something you worked hard for, the happiness is intense and lasts more and also remembering that achievement even long after still makes you happy compared to sth you got easily … lovely topic dear~ Please have a great week~💖🙈


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