Patience? What is that?


What will happen?

When will it happen?

How will will happen?

Will it even happen?

When exactly?

What if it doesn’t happen?

What if……..

Tooooo many questions

And I don’t know the answer

I’m not even close

Lack of patience… That’s what this is

These days we are so crazy about instant access

We don’t want to wait

When I hear about a good book

I go crazy searching for it online..

I am impatient

I order it right away

When I actually get it

I’m like okay.. that’s a relief

But I don’t read it

Then I find something new to be impatient about

This is becoming a common problem for youngsters these days…

No patience… At allllll!

Our minds are filled with junk of overthinking…

Sometimes it goes to such a length that we think something, over analyse something and it becomes such a huge deal in our mind that when we talk about it or act about it, the person has no idea what is happening…..

We might hurt the person, we might hurt ourselves and everything might go wrong…

I’m just saying

Overthinking, lack of patience is bad…

Most of the times we don’t get clarity about the situation but increase the problems instead…

Maybe we should practice mindfulness and stuff

But then you even need patience to be patient


Ik we need to work about this…

And practice is the only way we can get better…

I’ve read that for mindfulness you don’t need to actually sit in meditation posture and calm your mind for like half an hour…

It even works if you are just focusing on the present moment for 5 mins

Like when you drink tea for example –

You need be completely in the present moment… Looking at the colour of the tea, feeling it’s warmth, noticing it’s aroma.. feeling the taste….

That is how you mindfully drink tea, or be in the moment

Maybe that’s the easy way to practice it…

Being mindful for at least 5 mins a day

Idk how much this will help…. But we can definitely start from here

I am also planning to listen guided meditation for 15 mins every night before I sleep…

There seems to be too much chaos in my mind….

Hope that will help…

At least I’ll get a peaceful sleep at night 💕

Are you struggling with patience too?

Or are you a pro at mindfulness?

Lemme know your experiences….💗

2 thoughts on “Patience? What is that?

  1. SMIles, i Remember Reading A Book Titled
    “First Things First” When i Was 34, Lord Knows
    Still so Much Older than You Now; then in College,
    i also checked out a Book on ‘Creativity’ 20 Times
    Then, Yet i Never Got Around to Reading the Whole
    Book, and Not Surprisingly i didn’t find my Creativity
    Again Either;
    For i didn’t
    Finds Us When
    We Are Focused on
    One Task Only; in increasing
    Complexity of Flow, ‘Tween Apathy
    And Anxiety and All Fears of Course too;
    True, “First Things First”, Did Not Resolve
    the Problems i had with My Over-Cluttered Mind
    Then for i was always on-call as a Supervisor Night
    and Day, Seven Days a Week too; That Was Enough
    to Keep my
    Mind Cluttered
    Indeed, Dealing
    Directly With Over
    Hundreds of Customers
    i Served A Week Listening
    to All their Problems too; Finally,
    Never Getting Room For Introspection
    It takes to Understand One’s Own Voice Within
    in Balance
    of Course
    of Room Away
    From All the Distractions
    i Just Could Not Reasonably
    Escape; True, This is why some of
    the Top Professionals in Very Respected
    Ways of Earning a Living may Top the Suicide
    Rates too; No Time For Soul; No Safe Space
    to Breathe; Just more than a Human Will Reasonably
    Be Able
    to Do
    of Mind;
    in Short, We Are
    Humanly Evolved to Focus
    on the Task at Hand With Few
    Distractions; as True in the Wild,
    Those Who Do Not Pay Attention
    to the Forage At Hand May Get Eaten
    By Wild Beasts, Where there is no Room For Distraction at all;
    We Humans Change Slow in Classical Evolution; Yet, We Change
    in truly
    ways of
    Today in Modern
    Cultural Likes And
    Follows and Share Ways;
    It’s almost not possible to Survive
    without being massively Distracted, losing
    Focus of Attention And Patience that is one and same
    too for the task at Hand; And this is why Science Shows
    that the Average Human Attention Span is Literally less
    than a Gold Fish, 3 Seconds, indeed; haha; so why would
    i ever write an Average of Weekly Free Form Poem Blog
    Posts at 40,000 Words A Week; Knowing Full Well no
    one reasonably
    Will Be Able
    to Read
    More Than
    A Few Sentences
    at Most; for i understand
    the Nature of Being Human
    And Take Full Advantage of Laser
    Focus and the Amazing Patience
    Attending to one Task Will Bring
    Dance And
    And Song
    Really All i do
    in Life Dance And Sing More…
    Hehe; This is how Energizer Bunnies
    And Sistine Chapel Paintings come to Be

    the task
    at Hand

    With Little
    to no Distractions
    as i just wrote the
    Longest Blog Post
    You Will Encounter
    on Your Blog this week
    in about 5 Minutes of FloW iN Deed…

    Hehe; My Entire 40,000 Words, A Week Effort
    is Just a Huge Collection of 5 Minute Focuses just like this…

    Oh, the Modern Wonders of Copy And Paste, Wherever
    And Whenever Muse to Write Appears Globe-Wide Now;

    True, Focus is What Brings Out All of Our Human Potential



    No way
    i could do
    this, if i served
    Another Master but me my FRiEnD;
    Most accordingly, the Master of Money…
    All that Money cultures Falling; truly, not GRoWinG Greener in Focus..:)


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