Just saying

How do you deal with people whose behaviour you don’t approve of?

Especially when that member is of importance, your boss, or your colleague or even a family member?

Seriously what do you do?

Tbh I find it really hard to deal with these people.

With all people actually, I don’t know… I guess I am not so good at dealing with everyone

If our vibe matches?

Great. You will get to see the real me

But if it doesn’t

I might not even feel like talking to you

Idk why this happens. It’s weird… Like I kinda feel suffocated…if I’m forced to do something I don’t want to do

I am not rude as such, if the person still talks to me I will reply and all.. I’ll be good

But I won’t feel like initiating conversation or like being good and smiling all the time with that person who I don’t even like.

I have a friend who smiles and genuinely is a happy person. Even in front of the people who trouble her, or those she has problems adjusting with…

Idk how she manages that

To be so optimistic and positive

Sometimes I wish I was more of that person….

It’s not that she fakes and I’m the one being real and honest

It’s that… She is much better adjusting with all this

I can’t do that. Idk why

I want to be on good terms with everyone, I genuinely want to… But I just can’t stand some behaviours of people and I don’t know what to do then

Especially problem arises when they are older than you and have authority…

You can’t even tell them anything… They just turn the point around and everything is your fault… And then you feel bad

Ik yelling or breaking away is not the point

The person is not completely bad

But yeah…. I feel trouble adjusting (is it too millennial of me?!)

Maybe thinking about the good things they’ve done for me or reminding myself of all the good qualities they have would work.

I am still trying.

I hope I improve my relationship with this person. Matters a lot to me❤️

But seriously, I find relationships very confusing. Not romantic, every type of relationship. Even friendships some times.

Like you don’t have clue what to do….

It takes lot of time to analyse what they did wrong, where I was mistaken.. and I want to be honest here so it really takes time breaking the ego barrier and accepting my fault… Because I don’t want to loose the person.

So idk… I think a lot… It becomes too confusing

But I’m still learning to adjust…. Still learning to maintain relationships

Do you guys have any tips or anything? What do you do in such situations? Can you relate with this or just me?

Please tell me you can relate :p

10 thoughts on “Just saying

  1. I had this feeling bfr with one of my ex best friends, i’m someone who isn’t vulgar but she was, those words were easy for her to say even in the public when it wasn’t the same for me, but for the love i have for her i kindheartedly told her if she can refrain from that at least in front of me so she kinda got the msg, and if they have the same love and respect for you they would understand, just find a kind way to deliver the msg to them … wish you all the best dear~ 🥰💝

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  2. First Step is Wanting
    To make a change
    Second Step is
    Doing It Again
    And Again
    The Smile
    Comes From
    Within Whatever
    It is You aim to
    Do Then may
    Be Forgotten
    With All That’s
    Left is The Smile
    You Gave That
    Lifted A
    Up You
    Didn’t See…
    In Other Words
    It’s What We Feel
    That Colors our
    A Work
    Of Art
    Others Feel
    To Lift Them Up
    This Art of Life Now
    Called Love We SMiLe😁


  3. Have you talked to your friend and asked her how she is able to maintain such positivity all the time? Perhaps she could give you some tips. It you would like to be more like her then work on it – it may take lots of practice. My best tip is to try to understand people and why they act the way they do. Remember we have not walked in their shoes – but if we can understand where they are coming from maybe we can be a little less harsh.

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    1. Thank you so much for your tips my friend❤️ I will keep that in mind… Yes, when we look at the situation from others perspective.. we understand them and we don’t really get mad at them…. Things seem simpler… Thank you so much for reading 🥰💕🌼

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  4. Vrunda, I find you to be a very mature and considerate millennial who’s dedicated to personal growth. 🤗🥰

    I find it outstanding that you stay authentic when a person bothers you and are real and not fake – but from experience, I do try to always remain polite – this reduces any chance of regret 😉

    I like that you admire your friend’s ability to do so well with difficult people and also that you aspire to do this one day.

    In the mean time, go easy on yourself as you continue to be aware of this challenge. You’re in the middle of growing and figuring it out.

    To which I say, well done young lady❤️🥰

    Good post!

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      1. I feel the same about you as well and just love all the positivity and encouragement and information you share.

        You are a wonderful human my dear ❤️❤️🤗🤗🥰🥰


  5. btw loved reading this. So raw and I relate so much, relationships of any kind are so hard to manage. I don’t think it’s necessarily about being more positive, it’s more about not allowing someone and their negative vibes to affect you. It’s okay if you don’t gel with someone, you can still have a great time doing whatever you are doing with whoever else may be there. You never know this person could come around?


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