Know better do better quotes

Indicators of spiritual growth –

1. Your life flows with effortless spontaneity

2. Love is becoming the motivating factor of your life

3. You are discovering hidden sources of creativity and imagination

4. You are accepting higher guidance into your life

5. Your choices benefit you and all those around you

– Deepak Chopra

4 responses to “Know better do better quotes”

  1. Reaching For
    Moon Stars in Our EYes
    Coloring Our Lives All Love More

    We Breathe
    We Smile
    We Are
    With So Much More
    to CoMe We iMaGiNE Co-CReATE NoW

    We aRe Star FLoWeRS SeedS We BReATHE NoW…

    HeHe.. i Waited For Years to Hear This Prayer ‘In Church’…

    No Longer

    Do i


    For Our Birthright
    Stars We aRe NoW..:)

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  2. Inspiring❣️
    Love Deepak. Thoughtful leader.

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    1. Truuuue! Have you read his book – The Ultimate Happiness Prescription? It’s tooooo good!❤️


      1. I have many of his books on my bookshelf but I have not read this one. I’ll have to put this on my list (Which grows longer everyday…more information please 🤣😂🤪) ❤️🤗


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