How can you start a chain of positivity?

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.

William James

Some people think appreciation will make people prouder and they won’t be as efficient as they are now.

Are you one of those people?

Well, I understand you must’ve based your thoughts on previous experiences.

Maybe some people do show off and get too proud when you praise them.

But what if they do amazing job, every day and no one appreciates them?

How would they feel?

Will they continue being so efficient?

I don’t think so.

You see, being appreciated or valued is a basic human need.

It says – I recognise you are working hard. I appreciate your dedication. You helped me with xyz when I needed it the most. I value you. Your help meant so much to me, I am grateful for your support.

Imagine someone says this to you

How’d you feel?

Warm fuzzy feelings of joy? Happiness? Awe maybe…

Or you could also get uncomfortable and not know how to react

Okay maybe you need to practice being comfortable and responding with kindness when someone appreciates you

But even if you get uncomfortable,maybe deep down you still want to be recognised. You want to be valued and appreciated for your efforts.

When someone says “thank you for doing this for me,I really appreciate that” you might think.. “well.. that’s okay… we’ve been friends for like 6 years and so of course I’d do this for you”


But does hearing “thank you” not put you in a happy mood?

Aren’t you more likely to pay the positivity forward and help two other people that day?

Because you got rewarded for you behaviour (in a way)

So yes!

That’s pretty much it.

Genuinely appreciating people makes their day! They are more likely to cherish the feeling and pay it forward.

That’s why you need to appreciate people for what they’ve done for you or even if you see them working hard or notice something good about them. Few kind words can go a long way.

Scientists studied different gratitude interventions to find out which one was more effective –

The gratitude visit was found to be most effective.

Okay so what do you do in this?

You simply write a gratitude letter to someone whom you haven’t properly thanked before. Someone who has really helped you during your hard times or done so much for you but you somehow couldn’t properly thank them. (Yes, it’s the person you’re think about right now)

So you write the letter and you go to their home and personally deliver this. You read out the letter to them.

Research has found that this practice also has significant impact on their relationship. Even after 6 months of giving the letter.

Hmm. Impressive.

Okay so this is kind of a funfact

There are two meanings of the word appreciate

First is – To recognise how good someone or something is and to value that particular person or thing.

And second is – to increase in value. (it’s the opposite of depreciate. Which means to decrease)

Sounds logical huh?

That when you appreciate something in someone that behaviour or emotion increases.

Even complimenting someone is appreciating them.

Which of the following compliments would you like to hear?

A. Hey nice dress!

B. Good job!

C. Hey! I really liked your presentation. They way you explained xyz was commendable. The concept of abc that you stated was wonderful! I didn’t knew about it before. I can see you worked really hard on your presentation.

Okay so this is a objective question.

Maybe not everyone will have the same answer.

But mostly everyone likes the option C.

I mean it’s much better when you exactly state what you liked and genuinely appreciate.

Okay so that’s all for now. I can go on and on about this topic. But I need to stop.

I hope you found this article helpful 🙂

Lemme know are your thoughts on the subject?

9 responses to “How can you start a chain of positivity?”

  1. Nice post. It’s true that when someone appreciates you for your work or something you have done for them, it feels good. But appreciation should be genuine. Also, you shouldn’t expect everyone to appreciate you. It shouldn’t become a hurdle.

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  2. “To see a World in a Grain of Sand.
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower.
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand.
    And Eternity in an hour”

    -William Blake

    To Understand That We Come From Stars Eternally Now
    Born From Crucible Fire of Super Nova Star Burst Death
    We Resurrect As Gaseous Star Dust From Star Flowers
    That Seed Us in Far Away Galaxies As Our Sun is Flower
    One Day to Seed So Are We As Star Flowers And Seeds too
    Worthy As
    We aRe to
    Shine Upon the
    Rest of Existence
    As Love’s Light of
    Creativity Continues
    to Breathe Forever Now..
    We Bloom As Love As We Light Others True

    Smiles Sadly the Church i Visit Each Week as a
    Participant Anthropology Observer Does Not See
    Namaste God in Us This Way in Fact they Recite
    Instead that We Are Not Worthy And there is always
    Someone Greater Than Us to Worship Than The
    Star We aRe
    to Give
    and Share
    Freely For
    The Diamond
    Souls We aRe
    Just Naturally Born
    As Sunshine of Love
    to Freely Dance And
    Sing Our Rays oF LiGHT
    to Give and Share Free As We
    Understand We All Are Stars then
    We Come to See the Same Love of Shine
    In All others too continuously Garden of Love
    And Seeds
    And Living Tree All


    No one in Particular
    Just me as i understand
    that me means YOU And ALL too…

    For Each Human Connection is a New
    Multi-UNiVeRSE-Existence Born As Star New

    Other than that Happy Teacher’s Day in India Vrunda
    Keep Spreading This Positive Energy the Star You Are Shining Free..

    i Am So Very Happy to See You Posting Every Day Always Brings Light to me..:)

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    1. Awwwww thank you so much!!!
      First of all I loved your poem. It’s so beautiful 😍 yes – god, universe a part of all these resides in us too!
      Thanks a lot for sharing these wise words!! I appreciate it so much 🙂
      Happy Teachers Day to you too! (Belated)
      Sorry for late replies, busy with studies. And I love to share everything I’m learning about in WordPress post! Haha.. so that’s showing…
      But anyway.. thank you for your kind words.. always warms my heart 💓 keep shining💫 keep smiling 💖☺️

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      1. SMiLes Thanks So Much Vrunda
        And as Long As You Are Giving
        Here i surely consider that a Reply
        too.. For True it is what We Give that counts
        Most as Now i rather see anyone
        Give to The World
        Before they
        Give to me..
        When i worked
        As An Administrator..
        Manager.. Supervisor
        And Worker too.. After Work
        That was really Just about 24-7…
        Even in my Dreams.. i had nothing
        Left to give to anyone… not even really
        any words for my Wife.. haha.. now that i am
        retired.. i talk so much she sends me to my Room
        to spread the Love
        i have within to
        Give it to the
        rest of the World…
        indeed one is always
        Free to Give indeed True
        Happiness is in the Giving my
        FRiEnD and all i gave to Work in the Last
        5 Years of a 33 Year Career Total of Work
        Truly was to be a Slave of a Machine Most…
        Now i am
        Free to
        Love Kudos
        to All You Give
        With all Your Other
        Responsibilities too!
        True… i did 19 Years of
        School… 3 College Degrees
        And 3 Part Time Jobs doing
        that too with truly Zero Levels
        of Creativity More than Making
        An ‘A’ on a Multiple Choice Test
        And writing a Laundry List of Technical Items
        to one Day Sell it and Make a Living Yet Now Living
        Happily ever
        Giving my
        FRiEnD With Smiles..:)


  3. People really do tend to forget the importance of this or as you said do think if they have done it it would actually have negative effects than positive ones which wrong in my opinion bcs regardless that would help them and generally good for our well being as humans, i feel appreciating someone’s hardwork or kind act helps your ownself as well, i dnt know but i feel good when i tell someone nice words~ 🙈 and you did a great job choosing this topic because not many think much abt it enough to bring it up for discussion~ Thank you so much💝 🥰

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    1. So true Yiena! Yes, saying kind words to someone makes you happy too! Thank you so much for your kind words ❤️❤️❤️❤️ always love reading your beautiful comments 💖
      Hope you’re having a wonderful time! 🙂


  4. Beautiful thoughts and and interesting thoughts 🙂

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    1. Thanks ❤️❤️ glad you liked it 💛


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