3 oh-i-didn’t-knew-this quotes

Criticism has the power to do good when there is something that must be destroyed, dissolved or reduced, but it is capable of only harm when there is something to be built.

– Carl Jung


You don’t build self esteem by patting people on the back and telling them they’re wonderful. Confidence is a much more complex phenomenon that comes from experiencing one’s strengths in action.

– Rosabeth Moss Kanter


The point is not that you should always forgo weakness fixing. The point is that you should see it for what it is – damage control. Not development. Damage control can prevent failure, but it will never elevate you to excellence.

– Clifton and Buckingham

11 thoughts on “3 oh-i-didn’t-knew-this quotes

  1. I love these quotes – regarding criticism and praise – I think giving an honest assessment and then encouraging people to do better works better than simply offering praise. Thank you for sharing 🙏

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      1. Absolutely – the truth can usually be delivered in tactful manner. On rare occasions though delivering the truth is always going to seem harsh to that person. Something called wise compassion – when you have to be direct with someone – even though it will hurt them to hear it – you know it’s what’s best for them. But even a harsh truth can be followed with encouragement. Kindness is king. Was my pleasure to read Vrunda. Wishing you all the best, AP2 🙏


  2. These are definitely amazing quotes I’ve never read❣️My favorite is Carl Jung. That is without a doubt the beat way, the only way to use criticism and I try to live by that.

    Thanks for posting 🤗❤️

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      1. I’m glad you got my reference was not to use criticism to reduce or dissolve people but thugs thAt cause pain and suffering like social and political constraints and injustice.

        Us wing criticism Tt point to what’s “not ok” and say we can do better❣️😉🤗

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