Disney questions you would love to answer!

This is a open questionnaire for disney lovers. I have answered them first, because….why not!


So I’d be really happy if you would answer this on your blog.

I am not nominating anyone because idk who all are Disney fans.. but if you are a true fan do answer this and let me know in the comments! ❤️

1. Which Disney Princess story can you relate with the most?

Rupanzel. Idk, most of the times I feel I don’t get as much freedom as I want. Of course, my parents and everyone tries to do the best they can. This is… Just what I feel. And of course I have sooo many dreams!

2. Which Disney song encourages you?

There are many. But “dream is a wish your heart makes” is my all time favourite! It lifts me up when I hit the ground. Gently encourages me to dream and reminds me things will be alright.

3. Which Disney dialogue would you dedicate to your crush/love? (Even from non animated Disney movies)

John Smith: I’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you

Pocahontas: I can’t leave you
John Smith: You never will, no matter what happens to me, I’ll always be with you, forever.

4. Which Disney song reminds you of your first love?

Undoubtedly…. Can I have this dance? Wow! What a lovely song!

5. If you could be any Disney villan who would you be?

Mal definitely! From descendents. Or even Maleficent is okay…

6. Which romantic disney scene you’d like to recreate with your love? (Disney princess movies only)

Let’s just consider Anna as a Disney Princess.. Oh come on.. she is the queen now. The one where she gives Kristoff the new sledge. That’s really cute!

Or the ballroom dance from Beauty and the Beast. Damn! I love that ballroom.. 💕

7. What is the best advice/ line from Disney movie for you?

Tbh every disney movie teaches you something wonderful. But now depending on my mood.. the line from Toy Story 4 where Forky says “I’m Bonnie’s trash!” Haha… That was funny. But it just reminded me that no matter how broken, flawed we are, some people love us unconditionally because we are theirs…

8. Which Disney character makes you smile? ALWAYS?

Okay… Let me admit. I even inserted this question in the first place because I wanted to talk about Mickey! Oh come on he deserves appreciation. Isn’t he the cutest! 😍 And yes… He always makes me smile!

9. Name 3 disney characters you’d like to be. I know you can’t, but we can imagine.




10. Which Disney pet you’d like to have?

Not pet as such…. But I would definitely loveeeee to have Olaf!

Don’t forget to mention in comments I would love to check out your answers.

Calling #disneylovers 💖🌠

2 thoughts on “Disney questions you would love to answer!

  1. Synchronicity!
    i just finished
    Writing to the
    Song “Colors
    Of the Wind” With
    Vanessa Williams
    Singing But of
    Course With Disney
    Princess Pocahontas
    Who Reminds me of
    My Wife Half Pacific
    Islander With
    Indian As She
    Climbed 40 Foot
    Trees With Her
    Twin Brother
    To Peer Over Roofs
    When They Were 8…
    Hehe.. i Am Terrified
    Of Heights but that’s
    All i Fear
    As I must
    i don’t get
    Too High to Come Back…
    Happy Tuesday Vrunda☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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