Debunking – No pain no gain

Do you follow #motivationalquotes or #hustle on insta?

Chances are, this is the most widely used quote on such hashtags.

But is it true?

Do you really need to suffer pain every time you have to achieve something?

Have you ever played guitar? Or any musical instrument?

If you have, did you notice that after a while, you cannot consciously remember the notes, I mean you feel you’re in flow. Your hands do their job. If you’ve practiced many times, you must’ve felt this. When you think of playing a song, it comes naturally to you. You don’t have to think every time – String 5 fret 3.. string 2 fret 7…

Or maybe when you’re so used to cooking, you do some things naturally. Without being consciously aware.

And how does the food taste? As usual? Delicious?

This can also happen for example when you’re playing football. After lot of practice you get so used to the game that after a while you seem to be doing it effortlessly, you don’t consciously think to kick now.. to move there… It just happens. And when you become aware that you were lost in the game, chances are you will make a error.

The point is – this is flow.

This state is called flow. We all experience this… Loosing track of time, getting absorbed into the thing at hand, we are not conscious, we don’t analyse every move, it just happens.

And how is your performance when such state occurs?

Most of the times it must be wonderful! It’s like you become a pro within minutes!

But what does this have to do with the quote?

If you are in a profession where you experience flow while doing you work.. maybe you’re a dancer, or artist, or writer, or even sportsman, if you experience flow with your work, try to experience the state as often as possible.

My point is that research has shown that you don’t always need pain to succeed. The process of attaining something worthwhile can also be enjoyable and it’s good for your mental and physical health if it’s enjoyable!

We often have this fix mindset that if I’m not feeling pain I’m not working hard enough and therefore I won’t succeed.

It’s not the case.

We exhaust ourselves and those around us unnecessarily if we adapt such mindset.

Flow is when you’re totally immersed in what you are doing, fully concentrating, unaware of yourself. The activity is challenging and engrossing, stretching your skills and expertise.

– Sonja Lubomirksy

So flow activities are not easy. They are challenging and engrossing.

Not too easy, not too hard. Something that also matches your skills and expertise.

Flow leads us to be involved in life, rather than alienated from it. To enjoy activities rather than find them dreary.
To have a sense of control rather than helplessness.
To feel a strong sense of self rather than unworthiness.

– Sonja Lubomirksy

This is just to remind you that work doesn’t always need to involve pain to gain something worthwhile.

Of course, hard work is real and necessary. But it should be satisfying, not extreme to the point of burnout or exhaustion.

17 responses to “Debunking – No pain no gain”

  1. Yeah true Vrunda, I agree with what you say that we must not always associate pain with progress. And the states of flow, although not that common, and pass by seemingly in a jiffy, are a wonderful states of being and engagement.
    Amazing post btw, you have touched a lot of important aspects of work and being, well written too, keep it up 🙌

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    1. Awwww… I’m so happy to read your kind words! Thank youuu! It really means a lot❤️
      I’ve seen many people associate pain with progress and don’t enjoy the journey. It’s natural they feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied at the end of the day.

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  2. Great Post and very beautifully summarised. Loved reading it, thank you for sharing this Vrunda.

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    1. First of all thank you for the reblog Nilesh!
      And I’m soo glad you liked my post so much! Always grateful for your kind words❤️💕❤️


      1. Hi Vrunda, the post was really good and I felt like sharing, hence the reblog, and it was my absolute pleasure 😊


  3. Reblogged this on Nilesh Sharma and commented:
    As they say, practice makes a man perfect, our fellow blogger Vrunda Chauk has very beautifully summarized her point is this post.

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    1. ❤️❤️❤️


  4. Sohanpreet Kaur Avatar
    Sohanpreet Kaur

    That flow state do occur.. but in knowing in which thing you achieve that state, or finding that something in which you can flow..That is where pain comes from, pain comes from all other things you have to do to do the work in which you achieve that flow. So maybe the quote too No pain, No gain🙂


    1. Ummm… Would u mind giving a example?

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      1. Sohanpreet Kaur Avatar
        Sohanpreet Kaur

        Let me try..
        For example, Take a musical instrument. A person goes in the flow state when he/ she is playing that instrument. But he can’t own it yet because he can’t afford it. So maybe he has to go to some classes or borrow it,
        and for that he does another work which he doesn’t like to pay for the ‘ flow state’ . He has to endure the pain of doing some another work to gain that flow state.

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      2. True! Yes you are right. Every work may not give you flow. But I just want to draw attention to the fact that there can be fun or little happiness as you gain nothing. Not always should it be associated with pain.
        Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts Sohanpreet!
        Means a lottt❤️❤️

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      3. Sohanpreet Kaur Avatar
        Sohanpreet Kaur



  5. Flow Effortless Doing
    Dancing A Tight Rope
    With Ease Laser Focus
    Sweet Spot ‘Tween Anxiety
    And Apathy Evolving to ‘Autotelic
    Flow’ Where the Bio-Feedback of the
    Practice of Whatever Creates the Flow
    in Art of Dance or Song as Metaphor for
    Yes Whatever Brings this Flow Allows Us
    to Relative Free Will Emotional Regulation
    And Integration of Senses that Really Makes
    Religious Words Like Prana, Nirvana, Kundalini
    Rising, Satori, As Flow Is The Essence of Tao too
    By God Yes All Natural Kingdom of Heaven Within
    As the Riches
    Are Mastering
    Our Own Soul Selves
    Chalice over FLoWinG
    To Give and Share With All
    Others Most With SPiRiT oF SoUL NoW
    HeART LoVinG Without iLLuSoRY Fears
    As We Regulate and Integrate all the
    Appropriate Material Reductionist
    Parts of the Human Soup of Soul
    Like Serotonin, Dopamine,
    Oxytocin, Adrenaline
    Stress Hormones
    And Endorphins
    Too Hehe All
    in Synergy of
    Heaven Within now
    Masterfully Increasing
    Levels of Laser Focus and
    Long Term and Short Term
    Working Memory of Cognitive
    Functioning too as Art And Reason
    of Soul Hold Hands in MiND and Body Balancing True

    Effort Becomes Bliss of Non-Doing Increasingly Complex Activity
    In Moving Meditation of Whatever Practice of Heaven We Are Doing In Life…

    In the ‘This Place’.. THere ain’t much (No) pain as You are Your own
    Pharmacy SMiLeS WiTHiN…

    SMiLes Vrunda
    Seek And Stay
    iN FLoW
    NoW True WiTHiN As
    Much As You Will Naturally Do too..:)

    Perhaps one Day Soon and Sooner
    Science And Religion (Politics) Will Hold
    Hands And See ‘They’ All iN Practice
    Seek And Find ‘Worshipping’ Now
    iN A
    Heaven within
    to Can And Will Do Now..
    Perhaps.. We Can And Will Even Transform
    Ascend Transcend ‘God’ into Verb of FLoWeRinG
    CoLoRinG HeaVeN WiTHIN NoW LoVinG iT All DarK Thru LiGHT..:)

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  6. Loved reading this very engrossing post! Thank you so much for sharing this
    (P.S: Do I have permission to reblog this? I’d like to share this post, if you don’t mind)

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!! It really means a lot
      Yes! I’d be happy if you share this with wider audience. 🙂

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      1. You’re most welcome 😄
        Thanks a bunch!


  7. The Eclectic Contrarian Avatar
    The Eclectic Contrarian

    I play guitar. It’s not a physical pain but it can sure wear you out mentally.


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