Post Traumatic Growth

Yes! You heard that right. Post Traumatic Growth!

I am sure few of you must’ve heard about the concept of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Oh you didn’t? Maybe coz you didn’t study psychology… Haha

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is just as the name suggests. It’s the extreme stress and discomfort you experience after a traumatic event. The traumatic event could be death of a loved one, or surviving extremely painful circumstances.

As these things sound painful and extremely distressing where stress disorder seems obvious, there is also something opposite.

Post Traumatic Growth is defined as positive outcomes arising from traumatic experiences.

How can that be?

You might ask.

Some things are just painful and cannot be related with growth or something positive.

I agree.

Life is hard. Traumatic events don’t always lead to growth or finding meaning in life.

But in some cases, it does.

People experience the trauma. It’s hard. But they survive it. They aren’t thankful that something bad happened, but after that they realise that something has changed. Maybe their perspective towards life, towards themselves, towards their family or maybe now they have deeper appreciation for the present moment.

The concept of meaningful life is challenged during trauma. The questions often raised are “why me?” “what did I do to deserve this?”

This leads to feelings of helplessness and anxiety.

But in some cases, after the trauma there is –

Change in perception – People who have survived extreme circumstances now feel a increased sense of personal strength and confidence. “If I can survive this, I can survive anything”.

They have greater appreciation for life. And they know that it’s fragile. They tend to appreciate present moment more.

They view themselves as survivor. Not a victim.

Changes in Relationships – They tend to form closer ties to family. They realise the importance of family and understand how every relationship matters to them.

They share their feelings more openly. They understand there is no need of bottling up and keeping feelings hidden.

They tend to exhibit more compassion. They understand others better and show more willingness to give to others.

Changes in life priorities – They tend to have more clarity about what is more important in life. For example – they are more likely to make right choices between watching TV or talking to a friend, between scrolling on Instagram or reading a book.

They show a deeper and more spiritual sense of meaning in life.

They are not much concerned with acquiring material wealth. They find satisfaction in what they already have.

The main purpose of sharing this is that we are all going through stressful times. It is like a trauma for all of us. Maybe we can come out of this experiencing Post Traumatic Growth.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Even if you feel stressed and anxious and angry it’s okay. No hurry. Take your time to heal.

Just remember there is a ray of sunshine at the end of this tunnel.💛

Take care guys!!🌼❤️

15 thoughts on “Post Traumatic Growth

  1. Trauma of A Super
    Nova Explosion Yet
    Star Death Seed That
    Becomes Beauty of
    Death is Birth
    Yes Seeds out
    Of Dark Color
    Life Anew
    On Fear of
    Of The Beauty
    Of Art Starlit FLoWeRS
    Us Coloring Life
    Beautiful Brighter
    For All to Give And
    Share Sunshine Free🌟

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  2. PTSD normally give a setback for a short period but then the person has no option but to bounce back because the life has to go on ….some take more time than the others …these are usually people who.haveva shoulder to cry on….those who have move ahead on their own recover faster.

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    1. I disagree. First of all PTSD is not for a short period, it can be for months, even years if not treated properly. And secondly the people who have shoulder to cry on actually recover more faster than those who don’t. Those who feel like they are suffering alone and feel no social support whatsoever, their condition worsens. Talking to your close ones about your problems helps you heal. Their support, their care actually builds resilience.

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  3. Informative post.

    I’m always amazed at the people who rise like a Phoenix from their trauma❣️ They are changed at their core and never see life the same way again. When this happens they tap into a whole new level of personal power!💥

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    1. I’m amazed at their strength too! So true Teri!
      PTSD is known by many people. Through this post I just wanted to tell there’s something called Post Traumatic Growth too. And it’s not so highlighted.. because it’s not serious. But Post Traumatic Growth is common too. We just don’t know about these cases…
      Thank you so much your time Teri❤️ always appreciate💕

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  4. I’ve been reading a lot about this recently as I know I have grown due to a sudden loss . It’s a sweet bitter pill all at the same time however If my mum has never existed , If I’d never struggled in life – I wouldn’t appreciate day to day life the way I do ❤️ great post ! I’m new to WordPress and this article was just the sort of thing I was hoping to find ❤️ following your account and looking forward to reading more from you !

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