Other people

Think of a time you were happiest.

Maybe when your crush said yes to you, maybe when you won something you’ve worked hard for and celebrated with your friends and family, maybe on your family trip to Kulu-Manali last year…….

Did you notice one common factor in all these incidents? You were surrounded by people. Your loved ones. People who care for you, people who matter to you. Winning maybe not the ultimate joy or something really memorable, but sharing that win with your family and friends is really something that touches your heart.

Do you remember the last time you brought the cool watch, latest mobile phone, brand new car?

Maybe it failed to make you happy in the long run and you still rate this happiness after rating happy moments with your family and friends.

Remember the last time you did something good for someone.. how did it feel?

I know it must’ve felt awesome!

Researchers did a small study to test this. They made two groups of participants.

They gave 20$ to each participant and for one group they told to spend the money on themselves. To other group they told to spend money on doing something good for others. Maybe giving treat to a friend or buying something nice for your younger sibling.

The second group reported more happiness and satisfaction as compared to first group. Spending money on others does make you happier.

Maybe that’s the reason rich people tend to donate so much amount in charity. It helps others as well as makes them happy too.

Scientists have found that doing a kindness produces the single most reliable momentary increase in well-being of any exercise we’ve tested.- Martin Seligman

You see… People matter. Making them happy matters. Cultivating good positive relationships matters. That’s the only factor that would make us happier in the long run.

And not just for happiness. Even when you are at your lowest, what helped you heal?

Maybe your partner, your parents, your siblings or maybe you wanted to get better and improve just for these people. These people who mean the world to you.

We should try to stop being mean and ridiculing others just so we could justify ourselves. Stop pulling people down just because it makes you feel better about yourselves. Even if it does for a while, it’s shallow.

Real happiness lies being with people you love and having good quality relationships in your life.

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