Cultivating optimism

When the research was done on the happiest people, it was found that these are not the people who had all situations in their favour, who always won, who had less of pain and hurt in life.

In fact they were those who coped well with the negative incidents they had to deal with in their life.

We all get our share of positive and negative experiences. What makes a difference is how we interpret these situations and how well we cope.

As that line in the poem says you could make the best or worst of things that happen to you. “As a stumbling block or a stepping stone”

Let’s say for example – you fail a course and you have to repeat the year. Being optimistic in this situation doesn’t mean that you’ll say “oh I’m so grateful this happened”

No not that.

Being optimistic in this situation is “oh okay. this is bad, I understand. but what can I learn here? what new learning strategies do I need to implement? how can I get better? what’s the positive here?”

Now this may not come naturally to you in some situations. For example you had a severe accident or a rare illness, it’s not easy to be optimistic here. The situation is very painful. But if you look for something positive in this situation maybe you’ll find some things.

Research has been done on people facing struggles in day to day life due to particular illness. But it was found that patients who were optimistic coped well and were also found to have speedy recovery rates.

It’s not always easy, it can be difficult at times. But having a benefit-finding attitude helps.

So how to do that?

Let’s say you got rejected by someone you like.

What will be your immediate thought –

will it be – Oh I am worse, no one is every going to say yes to me….

Or something similar to this,

Then think about it. Is it really true? Think rationally. Try to frame it in a more positive light.

Well… No. One rejection doesn’t mean I am bad. It’s okay if he/she is not interested in me. I know there are other kind and loving people around. Of course I’ll find someone…

This is how you change your self talk. Your thinking.

Think about the causes of your failure as temporary and something that you can change. Believe in yourself.

When Thomas Edison was asked about the invention of light bulb, considering the fact that he had failed so many times, he said –

I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Edison was a optimist.

But see what he does here… He doesn’t say – okay.. so I’ll be optimistic about this. Okay the lightbulb will be created… idk when.. but let’s see. I am positive.

He makes efforts. He is willing to try again and again to get it right.

That’s the thing about optimists, they don’t just think things will be better, they believe in their ability to make things better.

Life is not always a smooth ride. But when you hit a bump (setback) it’s helpful to see what you’ve learnt from the failure and believe that you can make the situation better and be positive that eventually everything will work out.

13 thoughts on “Cultivating optimism

  1. “To Rule the World And
    Everything in It” Such A Small Aim When Beyond
    Measure Yes iNFiNiTY Breathes Within Beyond
    Distance, Space, And
    Time, And Even Matter
    As Quantum Physics
    Speaks As Well
    Nothing To Rule
    When You ‘See’
    As All in All
    Of Me
    Ruler of
    None But
    Heaven WiTHiN
    Hehe ObViouSLY
    As Easy Singing Dancing
    Thanks For Helping to
    A Way
    All All
    In All We Do
    Thanks Giving
    For Giving NoW..🌈🌟

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      1. Always Inspiring
        Your Words Poetry
        Is Soul Song Alway
        A Pleasure
        The Giving
        Is All Receiving
        Dear Vrunda Young
        Indian Woman Evolving
        Soul Wisdom So Many
        To Glow..🌈
        More Colors of Soul🙏

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      2. OMG! 🥺 This brought tears to my eyes….
        You know the best gift you have Katie, it’s that you always make people feel special. You make them feel seen and heard and understood and appreciated.
        I always LOVE hearing from you! Thank you soooo much for being here. I really appreciate you ❤️ you always make me smile!
        Sending lotssss of love and hugs💕🌼

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      3. SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Vrunda Note: THere is
        Fred In Friend i Didn’t
        Talk until 4 Yet my Mother
        Said i had open
        Arms for Every
        Stranger A Very
        Toxic Patriarchal
        CuLTuRE took
        That Soul Away
        As Where i Live
        The Overwhelming
        Majority of People
        Support ‘The Trump
        Dark Way of Soul’
        It was Impossible
        To escape at
        Work but
        After 40 Years
        Wandering That
        Desert Hell i’m
        Back as Love
        For 7 Years now
        As of 7.19.13 Recovering
        From 19 Mostly Stress
        Related illnesses For
        66 Months then
        Including the
        Worse Pain
        Known to
        From Wake to
        Sleep Shut-in
        In my Home With
        No Prognosis For
        Recovery.. NobMemory
        Of Even Experiencing
        The Feel of A Smile them
        On the Lowest Soul Level
        Of Existence Gratitude
        Is All i have Left to
        Give And Loving
        Freedom Fearless
        Free 7 Years in
        Heaven Paying
        It Back And Earning
        Heaven Giving as i
        Go.. 8.3 MiLLioN
        Words of Free Verse
        Long Form Poetry
        To respond as Soul
        Hugs to Every Stranger
        And 13,404 Miles of
        Public Dance
        All i was
        Missing Before
        BLeSSinG STiLL to
        Dance And Sing With
        SMiLes Now Keep
        Shining Dear
        For You see
        Friend lives
        Fred too
        With SMiLes☀️😁

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      4. I’m so sorry you had to go through all this. But your positive attitude is commendable. The way you transformed yourself.. and the way you kept kindness alive within you❤️ I have so much to learn from you dear friend.
        May you recieve blessings and love everywhere you go💕
        Keep spreading
        SMiLes! 😘❤️

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