Shushant.. we miss you

This is one of the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen❤️

This incident shook me from within and not just me, the whole India is mourning over this loss.

Suicides are always shocking and they leave us with many questions…

This is a story about a introvert and intellectual guy with a lovely smile and expressive eyes

This is a story of someone passionate about astrophysics and who loved to read books

This is a story about someone who came from Bihar to Mumbai with lots of dreams and aspirations

This is a story about someone who worked very hard to establish his career in Bollywood

This is also a story about someone who was neglected by almost everyone in the industry

This is also a story about someone who was “not accepted” by the bigger names

This is also a story about a human being who kept a smile on his face when he was hurt deeply

We should not just see him as a guy “who had everything” as in money and success.

We should realise that he was human being like you and me who craved love care and attention. And by that I don’t just mean likes on his post and stuff… genuine connection and appreciation. Again I am not judging whether he had it or didn’t, but it seems that he may not have had.

Someone said “nobody kills themselves to end their life, they do so to end the pain”. Or as John Green says in his book paper towns when Margo sees the dead guy she said “maybe all his strings broke” as in, he had nothing to hold on to in life.

We can just imagine the kind of pain and suffering he felt when he did this.

Shushant…. You deserved so much.. so much… I feel so sorry for everything you had to go through.

My heart also aches for

every person who is neglected and ignored for many reasons

every person who does so much effort and never get the credit they deserve

every person who is always there for others but others do not reciprocate

We all must’ve been in such situations at some point in our lives…

But hey! Things get better

Do not give up

Just talk about it… Talk to your close friends… Express… Do not suffer in silence..

A heart to heart conversation with best friend can be healing❤️ hold on to your close friends… Do not let them go.. don’t forget to appreciate them and remind them how much they mean to you❤️❤️❤️

I don’t know what exactly caused him to do this… But when I think about the things that happened to him and keep myself in his place…. I cannot control my tears…..

Anyway…. This was just me expressing what I feel during all this…

Take care guys ❤️

24 thoughts on “Shushant.. we miss you

  1. Well said Vrunda, we all need a feeling of appreciation and connection. He was a star, and also a human, he must have had needed one too. A great actor and a humble person. It does hurt to see things from his perspective. Must have been quite painful.

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  2. Suicide is not an ans to any problem….the trend is on the rise across the globe ..students …youths committing suicide for various reasons ….FAILURE being the main ..failure is not just related to making money…but as is said in case of Sushant….failure of being accepted….isn’t this true in life in general….whatever sphere you enter…the people already in the field try to stifle your growth….for you will be competing and taking away their profits only…one got to understand that beyond is all about ability to face rejections and imagination…. unfortunately our system and society doesn’t train the child to face rejections ..and some of them find an escape through suicides…

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  3. Hey Vrunda.
    I understand, because I feel the same. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him. He was my favourite and I love him so much. He read Sartre, had a library, had depth in his personality and was a humble and sweet human being along with being a genius.

    He deserved so much. My heart aches for him, because generally suicides affect me a lot, as it did when Chester Bennington committed suicide three years ago. Idk what to say. I will need time to get through this, man. It feels like a personal loss

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  4. SMiLes It only takes one Person
    To Save A Life… Someone Who
    Sees Beyond A Smile And
    Touches A Soul to Heal
    A HeART… Beyond This
    When All is Lost In
    Life in Hell Without
    An Ability to Remember
    If You’ve Ever Felt A Smile
    Now At All As Yes Memories
    Are Emotions And Emotions
    Are Memories At the Point
    Of Living Death In No Point
    Of Return An
    Artist Far Away
    May Touch
    A Point of
    Hope Just
    A Breath Now
    Of A Dead SoUL…
    For me It Was Katy
    Perry’s Song ‘Firework’…
    For Others in Days of
    DarK ‘Moonlight
    Sonata’ By
    A Breath
    oF Light
    Out of
    193 Years
    To BREaTHE Again…
    Never Doubt Now Real
    Potential of Your SoUL Art
    To Save A Breath Practically
    Forever NoW iN Firework Hope

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  5. Not only a heartfelt tribute to Shushant, it’s a hug to anyone who may personally connect to his suffering and gentle urging to seek out someone to talk to.

    You have such a beautiful soul Vrunda❤️🤗

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