Loneliness sucks.

I have been through a phase of loneliness and I know how it feels. Every single word written in this quote is true.

It feels like you don’t matter. Anything you do doesn’t really matter. It feels like you are invisible. No one notices you, appreciates you, cares for you.

Helplessness is also common. Like you are ready to do everything you can to make it go away but you can’t. You don’t know what to do. You feel completely helpless.

When I felt this, I remember crying every night. I had suicidal thoughts. I felt sad and isolated most of the day.

And as the quote says, “people do almost anything to escape this combination of isolation and powerlessness”.

It was so true. For the first time in my life I wanted to drink. Too much. I wanted to numb this feeling.

Thankfully my friends were supportive and didn’t encourage any such acts.

Thankfully my little sister showed her love to me every single day. Even when I thought about ending my life, her face came in front of my eyes and I wanted to be alive just for her.

Thankfully I found my true love at the end of all this.

That made me realise that there are people around me who love me.

People matter. They matter a lot. And it’s wonderful to have people who love you around you, they can help you get through everything.

I have seen so many memes saying “I hate people/I hate everyone” or when girl shares her relationship problems to her friends they suggest her to dump him without even listening, I know they are being sarcastic.. but we cannot normalise being alone.

We cannot make isolation look cool. It’s not cool. It’s dark.

People are important. Close friends are important. When things get tough between them leaving shouldn’t be the only option. At least try to make things work. If you are wrong, apologise and be ready to face consequences, don’t run. Kind friends are so important.

They make life worth living.

No matter how much success, or wealth you accumulate, you need someone you love waiting for you home at the end of the day.

And please…

Never miss a opportunity to tell your close ones how much you love them.. how much they mean to you.. be genuine, be kind

And if you are going through this phase…

Pleaseeee seek help. Don’t give up. I promise there are people who care for you. You matter. You are loved. Things will get better, I promise..

8 responses to “Loneliness”

  1. Well articulated Varunda…
    Loneliness ….the psychological loneliness ..where you lose the emotional connect with others….and don’t have a support system on which you can rely to take you out ..pushes you deep into the dark hole from where you don’t want to come out ..but escape( suicide?) is not the only option …. that’s where one got to look inwards …be your own best friend …yes seek professional help…and it’s best to have a hobby on which you can always depend for creative company..to take out your frustrations…..when you have a creative hobby…you are never lonely…though you may be alone…but you have a means to divert the mind…to pull you out from the dark hole…


  2. Sohanpreet Kaur Avatar
    Sohanpreet Kaur

    So true…isolation is dark…sometimes we feel proud of isolation in terms of self respect or being strong..but in actual it just keeps on burrying deeper in our minds and then blows up abruptly.

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  3. SMiles.. Isn’t It ‘Strange’ That Folks Who Seem Kindest… Those
    Who Give Most May Be Folks Who Are Suffering in Misery Most…
    Silently Within With Pain Beyond Words… Numb Beyond Pain.. Smiles
    Vrunda.. You Are the Last Person i would imagine blogging who would come
    to this Darkness Based on the Kindness You Give to Others on Your Blog.. but
    It’s true.. twice in my
    Life Faced with
    This Darkness
    Not only did ‘They’
    Say i can’t believe ‘This’
    Happened to ‘You’.. They Feared
    That if It did Happen to me it could
    Happen to Them.. We aRe aLL Human
    We Share This Condition to Let Anyone
    Down is To Bring All of Us Down.. No Matter
    Who They aRe iN mY Life i Feel This When All
    Hope is Gone
    What is
    is this
    This Gift of
    Life to Return to
    LiGHT AGaiN.. True
    The DarK iS A DooR JusT
    Waiting to Open in Greater LiGHT
    And Then We Will Help Others OPeN The Door..
    Those Who Forgive Most Find Light NoW iN THeiR
    Own Darkest
    For Giving
    ALWaYS Love IS The Key
    Opening All Doors to LiGHT..:)

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  4. As much as I appreciate the write-up (indeed very educating), I don’t see why people don’t talk about this normally, and why only after an incident happens?. Do people wake up only after a tragedy hits? Are people blind to feel otherwise?
    Taking nothing away from all those people who have come out in support, help, etc… ‘NOW’ – where were you before this? Yes, people suffer from these things daily, talking about it maybe still taboo – but there are professionals out there to seek help from.
    It’s not something that is new, it’s happened to people, still happening to people and will in the future as well. I have lots to say on the topic – and NO I am not against people talking about it or seeking help, it’s just like any other ‘malfunction’ of the human brain (like the body) – so come out of those petty thoughts and be brave.
    Power to all those who are fighting it and not succumbing to it, and I will always maintain my opinion of “SUICIDE IS NEVER AN OPTION’ however much the situation hits rock bottom.
    Sorry, but as people are saying all over social media – Sushant COMMITTED suicide and not died of suicide.

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  5. Vrunda, reaching out to people struggling with the dark place of loneliness is just beautiful❣️

    You speaking from experience to seek help from not only professionals but people in our daily lives that can help manage the ups and downs is a great place to start the journey towards brighter days. Otherwise, it’s being stuck in the dark and the risk of them getting even darker.

    You’re a beacon of hope ❤️🤗

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    1. Thank you for understanding me and for your kind words🥺❤️
      I feel so blessed to be connected with people like you who are not only kind but also supportive 💗
      Means a lot Teri 💕

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      1. It goes both ways Vrunda- you’re all love ❤️🤗


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