let’s visualise

What if….

You had a machine that could make you happy. You just press a button and you feel happy. You don’t need to go anywhere, you don’t need to do anything. Just press a button and you’ll feel happy.

Would you buy such machine?

What if…

you had a boon that whatever you do, you will be successful. You will never experience failure at all. Everything that you plan to do, will be completed. Every project you undertake will work out.

Would you like that?


You are on your deathbed. There’s no more time left to do things you always wanted.

Think of 5 important things that you would regret not doing. Think about what you will care about the most. What are the things that will matter to you? Which are the people who would matter to you? Would you regret not living your life to the fullest? What are some things that you wish you had done?


You are born into a very rich family. And your parents are willing to spoil you. You get everything you want without a moment’s delay. You don’t have to struggle for anything. All your wishes are fulfilled without you doing anything.

Would you like to live such life?

Let us dig deeper….

Speaking of the happiness machine…

Would you feel satisfied?

Would that machine in some way give your life meaning?

Would you like to be happy without being the cause of your happiness?

Is happiness all that you want? In any form and all the time?

Speaking of success…

Many people would be tempted to live with the boon… But

Will that motivate you to try? When you already know you’ll be successful, will you experience the thrill of starting something new?

Will you work hard? Will you feel satisfied at the end of the day?

Will you grow and develop as a person if success came easily?

I told you to imagine this deathbed scene just to make you realise what things really matter in the end. Many a times we get caught up in unimportant details and spend so much time thiking about it. When it’s not worth it.

Things that matter in the end are – how much you loved, how you treated your family and friends, how you made others feel, did you do what you always wanted to do and such.

Stop stressing over unimportant things and live freely. Free from unnecessary grudges, regrets, envy, procrastination, hate, and such.

About the getting-everything-you-want-without-working-for-it…

It is doubtful whether any heavier curse could be imposed on man than the complete gratification of all his wishes without effort on his part, leaving nothing for his hopes, desires or struggles.

– Samuel Smiles

The child who makes a toy car run is happy not because the car runs, but because he made it run.

If we come to look at it, struggles and challenges are necessary for happiness and for a fulfilling life.

12 responses to “let’s visualise”

  1. Well said! Thank you Vrunda for sharing these words with us. It’s true, accomplishing something after hard work feels better than if it was achieved easily.

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    1. Yeah… And still some people have a illusion that getting things easily would be beneficial 😅

      Thanks a lot Haifa❤️


  2. Without Social Roles
    And Social Purposes
    Groups of Social Animals
    Go Extinct in Deed Another
    Side Effect of A Pandemic
    A Genie Can’t
    Change What
    We Are Evolved
    To Do Hold
    And Work
    For Food but
    True my God
    We’ve Made it
    So Complicated
    We are Losing
    Track of our
    Our Destiny
    As Human
    Beings Has
    Always Been
    Each Other This Way..:)

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    1. So true! And beautifully said Katie 😍

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      1. Thanks Vrunda
        Keep inspiring❣️


    2. So, so powerful❣️

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      1. SMiLes.. Thanks Teri😁

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  3. Such wise advice for our new graduates!😊

    True happiness is a state of being, not things or awards or certificates. And this “state” is achieved through daily living.

    Being our best, everyday ❤️


  4. Sohanpreet Kaur Avatar
    Sohanpreet Kaur

    This is what life is: learning. We grow through our experiences. Nice post Vrunda.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sohanpreet ❤️🌼❤️


  5. Amazing posts with great content ❣️. The way u simplify the biggest lessons is appreciating. Lovely😍 ……

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    1. Thank you sooo much Ishita ❤️❤️❤️ blessed to have your support 💗

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