how we interpret causes

When things go wrong…

Rohit – bro, I heard you didn’t get selected in the finals

Rahul – yeah.. i injured my knee just before the semifinal match during practice.. that’s why I couldn’t perform my best

And also I couldn’t communicate with my coach.. some of the guys from opposing team were bullying some of my friends. Our coach had some emergency and couldn’t attend the match. If he would have been there he would have done something about it and given us a moral boost. He always motivates us and we have great faith in him.. it would have been helpful if he was here…

But it’s okay. We cannot control everything right? I will ask the coach about next tournament and start the training right away. We will kill it this time!!

Rohit – bro, I heard you didn’t got selected in the finals

Varad – yeah.. it’s very sad. I know we could have done better. We failed and it’s completely our fault..

I am feeling so bad about this… I don’t want to go for any tournament now… I am really disappointed with myself.. I had worked so hard for this, practiced for hours.. I don’t think I can get better and we can ever win

When things go right…

Rohit : bro I heard you won the championship! Congrats man!!

Rahul : thank you! It was really awesome! The way I hit the last goal, everyone was in awe.. We all had worked really hard for this.. this is the success of our team!

I am so happy to be part of this team! With the help of such good teammates and wonderful coach.. we did it!


Rohit : bro I heard you won the championship! Congrats man!!

Varad : oh well.. thanks but it wasn’t really me. I mean it was teamwork, they all worked really hard

What can we learn from these two conversations?

Sounds familiar?

Who would you rather be? Rahul or Varad?

When things go wrong, we try to blame ourselves as the cause and feel negative. When things go right, we undermine ourselves and do not feel as happy as we should.

It’s so ironical isn’t it?

Maybe it would be of great help if we look for causes of negative outcomes outside of ourselves and give ourselves credit for the good things that happen in our life. ❤️

Changing the destructive things you say to yourself when you experience the setbacks that life deals all of us is the central skill of optimism.

– Martin Seligman


People who believe they cause good things tend to like themselves better than people who believe good things come from other people or circumstances.

– Martin Seligman

10 thoughts on “how we interpret causes

    1. Mine toooo😍😍
      Hehe… I’m so glad in introduced positive psychology… That impacted many people’s lives and helped them move towards wellbeing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. That’s why i’m simple minded and only prefer “things went well” or “things went wrong” because really what made you fail? You worked hard but somewhere sth went wrong, still are you going to blame yourself? Nope surely, then again if things go right, if I believe i’m all knowing and nothing can bring me down then i’m selfish bcs sth would have gone wrong anytime and all that would have vanished but surely no one is to blame again, that’s why whenever sth happens i prefer a neutral response … (please don’t mind this long comment, it’s just my opinion) 🙈 Thank you for posting about this, it made me stop and think for a moment 🙈🌹🌟💕

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    1. Yeah I understand. Mostly people prefer to be neutral. But I think that keeps you from truly appreciating yourself and feeling good about something nice you’ve done. The feeling that you did it actually creates a positive loop and motivates you to do more good. Whereas when things go wrong and you don’t take it personally, it makes you think there is still potential in you. You can make it right the next time. I think this really helps!
      Thank youuu for sharing your opinion Yiena! I loved reading it❤️

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