The challenge of writing
Is to see your horribleness on page.
To see your terribleness
And then go to bed

And wake up the next day
And take that horribleness and that terribleness,
And refine it,
And make it not so terrible and not so horrible
And then go to bed again

And come the next day,
And refine it a little bit more,
And make it not so bad.
And then go to bed the next day.

And then do it again,
And make it maybe average.
And then one more time,
If you’re lucky
Maybe you get to good.

And if you’ve done that,
That’s a success.

– Ta-Nehisi Coates

(narrated by Angela Duckworth)

I can totally relate to this one!

Just me?

23 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Sadly A First World
    (Word) Problem is Life
    Of Competition
    And Grades if
    We Have Hands
    And Feet And
    Tongues Dancing
    Singing As A
    Child Before
    Key is
    Naked Joy
    Now With No
    Clothes of
    A Child Dances
    Sings Smiles For
    The Heaven Within…
    How Easily
    The Joy
    When All
    Is A Graded Mask…
    Joy is Never A Mask
    Do What You
    That ❤️ Love
    Love is Never
    Love Breathes
    As Inner Truth in LiGHT❣️

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