Quiz time (answers)

1. Which of the following characteristics grateful people tend to exhibit?

A. Boastful

B. Mean

C. Too proud

D. Helpful and empathetic


2. In which of the following situations expressing gratitude will be helpful?

A. When you are coping with stress or trauma

B. When you have to build social bonds

C. When you want to savour life experiences

D. All of the above

Right answer – D. ALL OF THE ABOVE

3. State weather following statements are true or false.

A. Expressing gratitude tends to reduce the invidious comparisons with others. TRUE (you can’t compare when you’re actually grateful for what you have! When you experience gratitude towards something, you will cherish it’s importance and are less likely to compare)

B. Expressing gratitude can actually make negative emotions deter. TRUE (gratitude is a positive emotion. It’s actually found in research that gratitude in fact can diminish feelings such as anger, bitterness and greed)

C. If you express gratitude, you may not take things for granted. TRUE (when you express gratitude and appreciate things, you are less likely to take things for granted)

4. “Being a optimistic” means

A. Looking at the bright side in every situation

B. Being happy all the time

C. Talking about imaginary stuff with no logic

D. None of the above

Right Answer – A. LOOKING AT THE BRIGHT SIDE IN EVERY SITUATION (but optimism is also more than that. It’s about how you interpret causes of certain events. Optimists generally see causes of negative events as external)

5. Fill in the blank

Optimism is about considering problems as temporary and _________ causes.

Right answer – external

6. True or false

Optimism keeps us from making any real process

Right answer – FALSE (optimism motivates us to take initiative. And research has found that optimists don’t easily give up)

7. Fill in the blank

Optimism is not just about thoughts like ‘I will get there’ but about _________.

Right answer – exactly how can I do it

(optimism is not wishful thinking)

Guys I hope you enjoyed this quiz. It’s just a fun way to learn more about positive psychology. I hope you all liked it.

Any comments, feedback is always welcome! 🙂

Let me know if you’d like to have more such quizzes in future.

Take care friends!! Stay safe❤️

7 responses to “Quiz time (answers)”

  1. More than ever ‘the So-called’ First World
    Provides less
    Opportunity to
    Exercise, Moderate
    And Integrate the
    Human Soup
    That is The
    Art of Our Emotions
    And Senses What
    Motivates Us
    To Live… The
    Main HeART
    Muscle For
    All We Do In
    Life in Deed this
    Is A Real Disease
    Where the only
    Real Cure
    Is Doing…
    So Much
    Now in
    ‘Real Life’
    At Least
    With A
    Face Mask
    Covering HeART…
    Smiles.. at Least
    Online isn’t
    That way too…
    Truly Room
    For Gratitude😁


  2. Great quiz! More please!

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    1. Thanks a lot!!! ❤️❤️❤️


  3. Such a creative delivery of optimism and gratitude 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much!!! 😍😍 Means a lot!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  4. I like the quiz as it may me ponder somethings. Thanks for posting it.

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    1. My pleasure!! Glad you liked it ❤️

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