1. Which of the following characteristics grateful people tend to exhibit?

A. Boastful

B. Mean

C. Too proud

D. Helpful and empathetic

2. In which of the following situations expressing gratitude will be helpful?

A. When you are coping with stress or trauma

B. When you have to build social bonds

C. When you want to savour life experiences

D. All of the above

3. State weather following statements are true or false.

A. Expressing gratitude tends to reduce the invidious comparisons with others.

B. Expressing gratitude can actually make negative emotions deter.

C. If you express gratitude, you may not take things for granted.

4. “Being a optimistic” means

A. Looking at the bright side in every situation

B. Being happy all the time

C. Talking about imaginary stuff with no logic

D. None of the above

5. Fill in the blank

Optimism is about considering problems as temporary and _________ causes.

6. True or false

Optimism keeps us from making any real process

7. Fill in the blank

Optimism is not just about thoughts like ‘I will get there’ but about _________.

I’ll post the answers tomorrow!

Good luck guys! 👍

You can write your answers in comments below and check later if they were right. 🙂

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