6 letter word that has my heart – DISNEY

When i come home, tired and exhausted
I see Mickey mouse cusion right there smiling at me.
I hug him and feel better. His face is something i can never get tired of looking at. Looking at him i always end up smiling.

On days like this, where nothing feels right, everything is so uncertain, when i dont even want to get out of bed, i hear Cinderella saying “no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true” and that comforts me a little

I know there aren’t any magical instances in life and life is not a Disney movie.. but in many ways, it is.

Sometimes we are Cinderella and we need to believe in our dreams. We need to remind ourselves to be kind and brave, even when everything around us seems harsh. We need to make sure we let our real selfs be seen and heard, because that’s the greatest risk we will ever take.

Sometimes we think of Miguel and remember to prioritise our family first. When days seem dark, Dory tells us to just “keep swimming”.

Spoiler alert – Frozen 2 teaches us how to just focus on doing the next right thing when you feel lost.

Anna and Kristoff taught us that relationships don’t need to be filmy, sometimes they are messy and real. Olaf showed us who’s the cutest snowman ever…

Sometimes when i focus too much on outer beauty and get conscious, Belle reminds me that true beauty lies within and that true beasts are sometimes the most beautiful looking people.

When i look at Mulan i feel inspired to give my best, even when people don’t belive in me, she teaches me to belive in myself.

Rapunzel pushed me to leave my comfort zone and chase my dreams. I could relate to “all those days watching from the window….”

On many occasions i need reminders by Pooh. “Sometimes the smallest things end up taking the most space in your heart”
“A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and the best thing you can be”
“The things that make me different are the things that make me, me”

When i own my house, i want to decorate it with lots of disney items. They won’t just be things, they’ll be my adorable possessions. It might not seem like it, but in a way they’ll help me make it through.

23 thoughts on “6 letter word that has my heart – DISNEY

  1. Yes! Disney Teaches
    The Complete Human
    HeART.. SPiRiT.. SoUL
    Without Cultural
    And Religious
    Labels that
    Divide in Deed
    Disney Theatrical
    Productions Are
    Gold For Child and
    Adult Evolving Human
    Soul.. Disney World
    Magic too for Real
    In Florida… Then
    Visiting At 12 With
    Family.. At 17 With
    School.. At 26 With
    Lover.. And 35 With
    Wife my God that was
    24 Years ago
    i always
    Wanted to go
    Back but my
    Wife said
    Nah.. since
    You ReTired
    (New Rubber
    Tread on Old
    Rusty Wheels)
    You have Become
    The Essence of Disney
    Again.. Eyes of A Child
    Will Always Create
    A Real Magic
    Kingdom Within
    Some Circles Still
    Name This Place
    Heaven Yep
    Of Disney
    Lit We Carry With Us..
    Haha.. the Lines are
    Long at Disney
    Is No
    Yes! Vrunda
    FRiEnD Be Disney too!
    Yes! You Can Do This
    In India.. Anywhere
    In and Beyond the
    Magic Truly
    Dances Sings Within!😁🌟

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  2. It’s amazing, the effect Disney has. Brave showed me that I can be free to make my own choices and live my own life. I share your feelings, thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  3. Those characters can teach us a lot.. Pooh! his thoughts on simple life and friendship..the innocence..
    Your house would look great with these characters!

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