Signs that you’re in love

1. You want to spend every single moment with that person. Even when you’re not with him you catch yourself wishing he was here and then you smile for no reason.

2. (this will happen if you were single for really long time) Every love song now makes more sense… You almost feel like you’re hearing this song for the first time. Now that song has a different meaning and you smile throughout the song.

It’s like suddenly songs from Taylor’s Lover start making more sense……

3. You spend hours searching memes and quotes for them. And no not just anyyyy memes.. THE meme.. THE perfect quote..

That becomes your favourite activity of the day.

4. You excitedly plan your next date or plan on making them smile every day.

What can i do today to make him smile? You start asking yourself such questions..

And then you express your love with something you’re already good at.

If you like painting, you’d want to paint something just for them.. if you like rapping you’d want to create a rap for them.. if you like cooking you’d like to cook their favourite dish…

Yeah all those things

5. You start thinking about what will you gift them on their 50th birthday.

Yeah seriously.. you can’t stop thinking about your future with them.

You make plans.. create bucketlist and have fun.

6. You feel blessed to have them in your life every single moment.

It’s like nowwww you start wondering ‘how did i make it this far without you?’

And you start bothering them with questions like “whyyyyy the hell didn’t you meet me before?”

7. You realise everything you went through to meet them was worth it.

8. You feel scared about loosing them. You constantly want to remind others that they are now “Yours” which means no one is allowed to flirt with them. No one is allowed to have the same butterflies in stomach that you have every time they look at you.

9. You find yourself spending less time with your friends! 😂😂😂

This always happens. At least for first few weeks.. you’re in your dreamland with your dream man and no one.. literally no one is allowed to take you away from them.

10. Every night you realise they are the best thing happened to you and you thank God for every moment with them and pray with all your heart for them.

8 thoughts on “Signs that you’re in love

  1. SMiLes Life is so easy
    When You’ve Been
    Married 30 Years
    You Are Just Pleased
    to Have that Person to
    Come Home to EVERY Day
    It’s like You don’t even have to
    Touch them or impress them they
    Your Home..
    OMG imagine
    if ‘Puppy Eyes’
    Lasted Forever
    the Human Race
    Would Starve But True How
    Sweet it is Just another Color of Life and Love

    Liked by 1 person

      1. SMiLes My Young
        FRiEnD Vrunda
        A Key to All
        Are Turning
        Pet Peeves Into
        Beautiful FLoWeRS
        That Continue to
        Bloom With
        Cat Purrs
        And Puppy Dog
        Tail Wags With
        Intermittent Color
        Bursts Of ‘Puppy Dog
        Eyes’ Coming Back
        To Visit
        Home As
        We LEarn to
        Laugh Now At
        Our Annoys Before
        They Become Frustration
        Anger Contempt Aggression and
        The Four Letter
        Word of Hell
        Hate That
        A Different
        Home.. Yes This
        Endeavor A Never
        Ending Practice of
        Life LoVE iN All Human
        Relationships NoW iN
        Nature of Existence Senses
        In Feel THinK iN Deed🌲🌟


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