blessed to have him

Does this ever happen to you?

You love someone so much, beyond words could ever express. You don’t know how this happened, it was like a beautiful song playing in your heart and the next thing you know is that you cannot live without this person.

They feel like sunshine in human form, like sunset, like the first sip of a cold drink on a hot summer afternoon, like rain, like your favourite song playing just for you

You look at them and remember all the kind words they’ve said, all the fun times you had, all the emotional moments you’ve shared.

You know you wouldn’t have made it this far without them, your heart blooms when you talk to them, you want to take care of them and make them happy, you want to live the rest of your life with them

And then suddenly

You remember reading that break up post on Instagram, hearing your friend say everything changes after first year of relationship, you remember all your past heartbreaks

And then you’re scared

Coz you know many people haven’t made it through

Then you doubt yourself and think maybe this is not real… Maybe you are imagining things

Then you back off

Try to tell yourself it won’t work out and look the reasons to justify your answer

Then suddenly

They come in front of you, everything stops and you realise how badly you want to be with them… How badly you just want to pause this time forever……

21 thoughts on “blessed to have him

    1. Sorry for that! But yeah.. i feel the same at times… But love is all about taking the leap even if you’re afraid.. it’s about trusting the unknown and enjoying all you get along the way


  1. Falling in Love Honey Moon of Romance
    Neurohormones Change as Oxytocin Rises
    Dopamine Too as all the Colors of Life become
    Just Magic to Feel and Sense more.. but then there
    is the Anxiety of Losing What one Comes To Feel and
    Sense the Falling Part of Love as Serotonin Naturally
    Decreases and For
    Men Testosterone
    May Fall Yet
    May Rise
    More With
    That Fall and
    Rise for Puppy Dog
    Eyes for the Other Comfort
    of Warm and Fuzzies that
    Only Sees Arms of Love
    That Wrap Around a
    Soul Complete
    except for
    the Fear
    of what
    is gained
    may be Lost..
    Well.. imagine if one’s focus
    stayed this way an entire Life
    What Else in Life might Escape
    our View for Basic Survival… Truth is
    a lot so this is why as evolved the Heaven Goes away
    a Bit and if one is really Fortunate along the way
    One Makes A Friend Worth Keeping close to one’s
    HeART not only for Receiving but For Giving and
    Yes Forgiving More When Tiny parts become more
    of Frustration Whole That Didn’t Matter so much when
    All of Life is colored Beyond Rainbows of Bliss more as Soul Springs…
    Love is easy
    at First
    it becomes
    work then it becomes
    what is worth keeping no
    matter numbers you have it in you
    to Forgive more yes For Giving Thanks
    Giving for This Gift We Gain to Love Now
    Never Selfish no longer receiving over giving..:)


  2. Hello Vrunda Just wanted you to know I have tagged you in December= The Most Wonderful time of The Year Tag. I enjoyed this one as Christmas is one my favorite times of the year.


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