Something you might need to hear…

Sometimes it’s tough.

Not all the times, just sometimes.

And when you remember it’s only sometimes, it’s a little lighter.

– Rebecca Ray

“This too shall pass”

And perhaps

what made her beautiful

was not her appearance

or what she achieved

but in her love, and in her courage,

and in her audacity to believe

no matter what the shadows around her

Light ran wild within her

and that was the way

she came alive

and it showed up

in everything.

– Morgan Harper Nichols


What is wealth?

A deep sense of your finest nature.

People to love and who love you.

Books. Flowers. Good food. Elite health and peak longevity.

Work that allows for creative expression.

The opportunity for excellence.

Moments of awe and wonder.

The freedom to do as you wish.

Daily acts of selfless serve service.

– Robin Sharma

True wealth…

Turn the ridicule of doubters into spellbinding results. Transform the laughter of the misunderstandings into outright magic. And let a glorious form of mastery be your loving revenge.

– Robin Sharma

Do your best.. forget the rest

She chose to forgive herself.

She chose to befriend herself.

She chose to soften towards herself.

Because continuing to do otherwise was only to participate in the destruction of her spirit. And that’s not her way anymore.

– Rebecca Ray

Sometimes you just need to understand yourself and know you’re doing your best…

One day you will wake up and all of the waiting will have made sense.

You will realise that all the prayers that seemed to be tangled in worries were actually wrapped tightly in God’s grace.

You will realise that even though before, you were certain it was over you were actually… okay

and everything that was supposed to happen happened and you are right where you need to be.

– Morgan Harper Nichols

“one day all this waiting will have made sense”

The future that she’s creating may not have a clear path, or a certain next step.

But she knows how it will feel like send that’s what she follows.

– Rebecca Ray

It’s okay to be confused about the next step…

Beautiful work requires time, requires a fierce refusal to compromise on quality and the bravery to bear the arrows of defeated critics

And yet, once you send your magic out into the universe, a newfound glory rises within you.

And the angles and Gods applaud your uncommon audacity. In ways you cannot imagine…

– Robin Sharma

I have written this on the first page of my journal. How beautiful this quote is! I am sure all the wonderful creators here can relate..

…and the moment came when she had to undecide things about herself that she’d previously considered true.

It was time to honour growth.

It was time to see the change.

She was no longer that self.

She created herself anew.

– Rebecca Ray

Change can be messy… It’s tough as hell.. but when something feels right and necessary.. go through the pain and uncertainty.. it’s beautiful ahead..

Push yourself to do more and experience more. Harness your energy to start expanding your dreams. Yes, expand your dreams. Don’t accept a life of mediocrity when you hold such infinite potential within the fortress of your mind. Dare to tap into your greatness.

– Robin Sharma

Hope this was helpful guys!

I am not feeling quite well these days.. everything seems like a mess.. and during such times all I need is a relatable quote! 😁😁

I love collecting quotes.. every single quote here was everything I needed to hear at some point of time.. I thought it might be helpful for you guys as well ❤️

Tell me which one quote resonated the most with you 🙂

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!🤗♥️

8 thoughts on “Something you might need to hear…

  1. Smiles Vrunda so nice of you to share
    these inspiring quotes.. i wrote one today
    to a Blogger who inspires me and i thought to myself
    there are surely more than one.. so i will share it with them too..
    so sure hopefully this will inspire you to always blog more!..:)

    3246 days true i am a whole lot older than
    You a few more decades to check-in this many
    Consecutive Days to Sing a Deeper SonG of mY
    SoUL than the Ordinary Circumstances of Life Allow..
    i remember visiting my Psychiatrist first in 2008.. really
    terrified as i knew there was something very different about
    me but i did know it had
    labels like Autism
    more specifically
    Asperger’s Syndrome
    And Bi-Polar too really
    though both conditions
    really do balance out
    great as long as there
    is not too much stress in the Environment
    at Dark play as you say ‘Grey and Dark Thought Bubbles’
    a really appropriate metaphor for Existential Angst in Ruminations
    About Life.. Anyway then before Blogging became so Popular as it is
    today.. that Psychiatrist said a big concern is two things.. People no longer
    have time much for introspection more than a drive to work and he wondered
    if Human Beings would totally lose their ability to speak with each other as that
    was only when the texting revolution had its very start.. Honestly as Science Shows
    People are losing the space in Life to make Intimate Friends to fully express their truths
    to.. even at best without all this technology humans with that ‘Dunbar Number’ of 150
    Acquaintances at max and having the Social Capacity to make five close friends.. as
    Science Bears this truth out now by Americans who haven’t made a new close friend
    like this on average of 5 years now.. a best thing about Blogging is not only
    will we speak to our Soul like a Diary does but in this fast paced World
    others will learn from the Dark and Light of our Experiences when
    Reality lends little to no time to learn this way from close
    and intimate friends.. truly it is so beneficial this way
    to open up the Windows of our Souls now as we may
    care to do in Blogging and share that much of the
    Light thru Darkness hehe.. sure now
    BLacK Abyss through beyond Colors
    of Rainbow Bliss too.. the ancient
    Egyptians Described the Human
    Chi of Fearless Love Spirit Force
    in Positivity by the Term Ka… other terms
    include Chi and Prana too.. Egyptians were
    misinformed though to think they could transcend
    Mortality by building Pyramids with other Artisan
    Depictions of their Names and Physical Likenesses
    so inscribed for that was only the Shell of their KA not
    the Nautilus Creating that lives in that Spiraling PHI Ratio
    Shell existing 300 MiLLioN Years but just a Shell of the
    KA and CHI and Prana of the Spirit of the Nautilus that
    Creates that fossilized Soul.. but only shell of soul.. wow
    Human Beings have so many opportunities to extend the
    Force of their KA to others beyond normal Social Capacities
    both Living and Dead now.. truly transcending what we are born
    with using Technology As Musical instruments transcend the Limitations
    of our Vocal Chords to Lift our Emotions Up with Drums that beat so much
    Harder than our Heart Beats too.. i will never be a close and intimate friend but
    in a way you give something similar to everyone who crosses your page what you
    never could do without the dressing of technology too.. i see you as Human i like that
    now and even
    the greatest
    among us
    a bit
    with ‘grey dark thought bubbles come’..
    A Zen of Compassion a Storm of Humanity…
    Truly the Blogging experience will be when Authentic and Real…
    With that said thank you i enjoy coming by here each day reading about
    another Human Being’s Soul as i do every where i go.. each instance i
    do my Soul becomes a bit more Colorful with so many Souls i continue to
    consume and Nourish the Light in me to spread a bit more too.. Have a nice day…
    Keep up the Great Work!

    -Just Another Blogger And A Human too-


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