You look at her
She smiles
She calls you
She is in need
You run
For her help

That day I saw you
talking to her on phone
she was crying perhaps
and you were comforting her

Can’t tell you
how I felt

Then you came
and sat by my side
“Coffee honey?”
I nod my head

As we sit there
holding each other
thoughts rushing in our mind
fingers intertwined

Suddenly you tell me
about her
and my heart aches

Can’t I have you
be entirely mine?
you kiss me
tell me you love me
I wonder did you mean this
when you said to her as well?

Maybe you don’t
love her now
at some point you did
and that will always be there
No matter how badly I want you to be
Just mine

© Vrunda Chauk

10 thoughts on “Ex

      1. I think…
        Time has a role to play
        Maybe you get used to it
        Maybe the pain decreases
        Something happens
        With time
        Or maybe you grow and
        Gain more clarity
        To see things
        You couldn’t at the time 🤗

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  1. Biology of Falling in Love
    Precipitates increases in Pleasure
    of Dopamine and Oxytocin the Warm
    And Fuzzies of Cozy Comfort yet ironically
    Decreases the Neurohormone Serotonin that
    Keeps Confidence Away from Anxiety as yes we
    put ourselves in a Vulnerable Position Naturally Falling
    in Love and Lord Knows as Hard as it may Be in a Complex
    And Stressful Society of Work and or School.. and on top of that
    often Nomadic Lifestyles individually finding work after School the Stakes
    for Success in Relationships Humans are able to find on ‘the constant’ run
    are so high that confidence
    May Fall even further
    and Anxiety too
    making Faith
    In the Love We
    Seek to Find and
    Hold More Difficult to keep
    When we become even more Vulnerable
    When associated other Loves come into Scene…
    Smiles.. my Friend it may be Harder than ever for
    Relationships to work as we continue to become more
    Distant with screens over face to face.. but Love will most
    definitely seek and find a way.. smiles probably the best thing
    about being together with my Spouse as i have been for 30 Years
    now.. is the Faith that the Love is Real and Unfailing no matter
    What challenge comes next.. this allows both her and me to
    Live a Life that is stress free from any challenges to our
    Relationship.. for she really knows me and i really
    know her all the imperfections fit in just fine
    for a Soup of Love that is a recipe that
    Works Good Enough for Faith
    in Love Never to Waiver
    haha.. she argues
    with me most
    every day
    but we both wear
    our hearts on our sleeves
    with No Secrets.. i’m seeing this
    as a Fictional Story haha.. and you
    are not asking for advice but a secret to
    the success of our Marriage is No secrets
    No secrets at all i don’t have to be afraid to
    tell her i am close to someone who is a friend
    and neither does she in the Story you have painted
    A Greatest Best side is the past connection to Love is
    not Hidden.. Hard as it may be the Truth is Better than what may be hidden..:)

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