Set free

There’s this bird you love

You love it so much.. you put it in a beautiful cage

You give that bird everything it needs to survive, you shower your love and care..

You take care of everything! You make sure everything is perfect for your little bird..

You make sure limited people have access to it.. you don’t want some people to hurt the bird

Still you wonder…. Why isn’t the bird happy?

Because you forget…

Along with care, it needs freedom… It wants to be free..

It’s heart longs to explore the world and get out of the cage…

It wants to fly.. fall.. then get up and fly again.. even if this isn’t “protective” it is healthy for the bird…

There are countless times when we do this with humans as well

When we love someone all we want to do is protect that person from all negativity, all possible harm..

We also don’t set them free because we’re scared… Will they come back to me after exploring this world? Will they find something more beautiful than me? More smart, more charming than me?

Sometimes all we need to do is trust and let go….

Let them fail, let them make mistakes… Let them learn.. let them explore.. we cannot protect our loved ones from everything.. But we can make sure that they won’t have to go through this alone….. And most of the times, that’s more than enough

And everyone gravitates to someone who gives them freedom and love ♥️

8 responses to “Set free”

    1. Thank you so much!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

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  1. Superb message 😍💙💙💙

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    1. Thank you sooooo much Sid!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

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  2. SMiLes my Friend Vrunda.. Often it is the Experience of Falling In Love that may
    be the Farthest Experience Away from Love as An actual Verb that Gives more
    Than Takes And Shares more Than Hoards or of course the Phrase Will Be RiSinG
    iN LoVE More Than FaLLinG iN LoVE Accordingly Science Shows as Pair Bonding for
    Human Reproduction Goes while Levels of Warm and Cozy Neurohormone Oxytocin
    Increases and the Pleasure Neurochemical Dopamine too.. Levels of Serotonin my Fall
    as the Falling Part of Romance We Call Love that results in Less Comfort of Trust and
    more of the Existential Angst.. Yes.. Fear of Losing What We Cannot Do Without Rather
    than Being Free to Explore the
    World More in Trust and
    Confidence now..
    Well of course
    as Survival
    there is a lot to
    Lose in the Survival
    of the Mating Human Game too..
    no Flowers without Thorns for
    Roses RiSinG Love After
    Falling In Love too those
    Thorns are almost impossible
    to run away from for the Human Condition
    is Nature and Nature is Us my Friend.. smiles
    i’ve Been Together With My Wife for 30 Years
    And the Longer Our Marriage lasts Naturally the
    More and More we are both Set Free as Love Grows..
    Smiles my Friend Jealousy turns into Compersion to See the
    Joy in the EYes More Exploring all of the World Brings as a Couple
    may Become the Water Wave and Ocean Whole and while one may
    decide to Branch Out in 12,012 Miles of Public Dance and 7.3 MiLLioN
    Words of Free Verse Poetry in 73 Months the Other may Decide to watch Koala Bears
    on the National Geographic Channel and Exclaim.. Oh my God! How Cute! come and
    look while i am writing around the World to Grow my Soul a Bit more this way in Free
    Spirit of HeART more.. smiles You name me Katie and i wonder if you realize i am the
    Rather Law Enforcement Looking Dude who is sitting by His Wife.. 49… Standing in the Avatar my name
    is actually Fred the Frederick Part of the Katie Mia Frederick Art team online as she helps me with
    some of the Art i do too.. and of course A Star Attraction in my Blog as a Yellow Beautiful cat used
    to be before he Passed away this year.. it’s true i am often identified as someone in Law Enforcement
    even when i dance in Funny shirts all through Public Stores as some folks determine i am simply
    undercover trying to apprehend potential thieves of Material Goods but that’s not True for even
    the Most Rugged Looking Silver Back Gorilla Will Hold a Kitten in His Arms in Oxytocin
    LoVE iN Warm and Fuzzy comfort..
    it’s so cute for it does not match
    our Expectation of something
    so Rugged to be so Graceful
    in Love and smiles my
    Friend have you
    ever seen
    a Gorilla
    Do Free Ballet..
    You’ve already
    Heard the Voice of
    the Gorilla’s Poetry
    for the Color of Love that
    Gives and Shares for free
    is no label but the Spirit of
    the Heart within of Soul some
    Souls Dance and Sing and some
    Do Not.. i would Much rather do this
    And Dance than have Bar Chairs Broken
    Over My Back like my Father Did with a Gun
    in Law Enforcement for 46 Years apprehending
    the Bad Folks Doing Bad Deeds in Life.. True though
    We Need those Heroes Against the Bad and For Good too..
    And with that i’ll Leave you with a 109 Kilogram Human
    Silver Back Gorilla Dancing in SuperWalmart if your site
    allows YouTube Links for that.. for true i am only resting
    my Feet now after a Weekend of Celebrating 12,000 Miles of Public Dance..
    if i may give you one bit of advice it is no matter what always keep Dancing and
    Singing a Life of Art as Poetry as you Do have A Gift that is so valuable that should
    always be given and shared with others for Free to Color and Light their Christmas Tree
    of existence more Branching up as Roots Fly Leaves to Fertilize other Souls so many more
    Colors of Love.. smiles my Friend as i approach 60 Years-Old now my Soul Feel Younger than
    Ever Before and true i am literally physical Stronger than ever Before as there is no Illusory Fear in Real
    Love as Existence and No Real LoVE iN Illusory Fears as Existence.. And true no real love at all without Free.. Stay
    as the
    Beauty of
    Love Within
    Need Never
    Age as a Soul
    Wardens itSelf this
    way Up and Others RiSiNG
    As Thorns and Flowers Hold
    Hands For A Rose Ever Beautiful More of Existence (God/Love)

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  3. There’s a reason why we refer to girls as ‘birds’ 🤣😂🤣

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