A narcissist

“I’m sorry Kunal… This won’t happen again”

“Look I don’t want to get mad at you… Whyyyy do you always make me so angry?”

“I’m sorry..” sobbing

“Why did you even make such a big issue? I just kissed her… I am not dating her… I kissed her because I you fought with me the night before.. That’s not my fault”

“But this hurts me”

“That’s your problem. You can’t deal effectively with situations. I am like this. Accept me or leave.”

“Kunal I –”

“You know what’s your problem? You’re too sensitive! Stop being such a dumbass.. and I didn’t mean it okay? It just happened”

“So you want to say it’s my fault?”

“Let’s just admit we were both wrong… Don’t you love me anymore? Why are making such a fuss of everything?”

“You made a fuss of our relationship when you kissed her… You know how much I hate her and -”

“You know what? I’m glad I kissed her… You deserve it”

Every conversation with a narcissist ever.

If this reminds you of someone then beware! You might be dealing with a narcissist.

If not, lucky you! You haven’t dealt with a narcissist yet..

You can’t argue with them. They apply their own silly stupid logic and try to turn things in their favour.. you feel like you are wrong, but honey trust me you aren’t.

Distance yourself from them and think about the situation, you’ll get some clarity.

Can you imagine being with someone like this?

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