Long distance

I don’t know whether to be happy to have you in my life or freak out because of the geographical distance between us.

There are times when I wonder should I trust “long distance” or believe in “us”. That’s a very difficult decision to make. Sometimes my feelings choose you and at times my mind overpowers emotions.

I love to tag you in at least 50 memes a day, but trust me… There are more memes that remind me of you.. there are many more things that I want to share with you, but we never get enough time.

Sending you links of YouTube videos and Spotify podcasts is becoming normal for me. So is calling you every night before bed.

There are times when I wish to feel the warmth of your touch, there are times when I want to hear your voice saying the words I read on text, there are times when I long to see that stupid grin you get while reading my messages…

I don’t know if this will work. Long distance relationships are hard to maintain. They need less expectations and more honesty. More quality time (when you meet) and more understanding.

Will we be able to do this?

Should we take the risk?

23 thoughts on “Long distance

  1. I hope it works out and it’s worth the risk. Have faith and I am sure you will know in plenty of time that it’s working out! Love can travel a lot you know 😉

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  2. I’m in a long distance relationship and I know what exactly it feels like but talking every night before bed and sharing our thoughts even though he is busy makes me fall in love with him everyday…
    Penned nicely ❤️

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    1. Woww!! Getting positive feedback from someone who’s experiencing this makes me feel like “yeah girl you wrote something good” Pat on back…
      Thank you soooo much Mahima for reading❤️💕

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  3. I would say this might work…
    I had experience… but as said honesty plays the part.. and seriously it’s thrill..
    There’s a different excitement of meeting someone after a long gap and seeing one every single day…


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