Okay so self talk is important. And it should always be positive, right?

No, that would never be possible.


Self talk just needs a little bit of honesty and a whole lot of kindness.

19 thoughts on “Self talk

  1. Great post! It is short and sweet, and also accurate to me! While it is true that we can’t think positive thoughts about every last thing in our lives, I do think that there are times where we could be using it to help ourselves. The power of positive thinking in these situations is supported by fields such as positive psychology, which asks what it means to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Feel free to check out the blog and I welcome any contributions that you may have to the content. Great post, keep up the good work, and I hope you are doing well!

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    1. I LOVE positive psychology! I’d like to do MA in it, but that’s a long procedure.
      Do you study positive Psychology?
      It’s so interesting and wonderful!
      I’m headed to check your blog.. it’s so nice to hear from you🤗
      Hope you have a fantastic weekend ❤️

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      1. I really enjoy several fields of psychology, but once I found out more about positive psychology, I found myself really wanting to learn even more! It aligned so well with the teachings of my faith by emphasizing values and character in achieving meaning and fulfillment. I study several subjects like biology and philosophy along with psychology because I think they’re all ultimately related, but I am interested in MA programs in psychology at this moment. University of Pennsylvania has a great Master of Applied Positive Psychology program where you learn from Seligman himself, but there are other similar programs as well. Thank you for checking out my blog, it really means a lot to me that people are actually reading this! I hope that this continues to be interesting for you, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend as well!

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      2. I’m not from US. So getting into University of Pennsylvania seems like a tough job.
        I’m planning to do it’s online courses and get certified if possible.
        Then I’d love to practice it.
        I’m so glad I found your blog. Connecting with like minded people is always a pleasure!❤️
        Have a great weekend buddy❣️😊

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      3. UPenn actually accepts several applicants from outside of the country, though the admissions requirements may be slightly different. The online courses would be really interesting to take, let me know what you think of those if you get a chance! I’m really glad to connect with like-minded people as well, though I hope that many people can realize how positive psychology research can be applicable in their own lives! Have a great weekend as well!

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      4. We’re on a mission to spread positive psychology! Let’s hope we impact many lives by sharing the teachings of positive psychology.
        I never had someone with similar vision about positive psychology. Glad we could connect! 😊

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