Only question

The question I ask myself frequently these days is – Am I being in the present moment?

So sick and tired of overthinking!

I try to bring back my focus on present moment by asking this question.

There is so much to overthink. There is only this one unique moment to experience.

When I ask this to myself and look around me… I focus on the people around and think that this moment may not come back. They are not going to be with me forever. Even if I see them every day, I want to cherish and live this moment with them.

Instead of living most of our lives in our head let’s be more present in the moment and enjoy reality.

22 thoughts on “Only question

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  1. Interesting! That’s really weirdly a new question. It’s so simple yet we don’t ask it to ourselves. Stop thinking about the future and dwelling about the past. Live in the moment. Beautiful 💜💜

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    1. Appreciate your kind words Sid. 💕 Thank you so much!! ❤️🙏
      I am overthinking a lot these days.. so this is the simple solution I came up with. Coz you know.. we miss some really beautiful moments thinking of something that isn’t even there!

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    1. Don’t worry Jyoti! It’s just the normal college stuff… And if something goes even slightly wrong… I overthink..
      Learning to stay in present moment❤
      Thanks a lot for your compliment dear❤🙏


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