Magical World of my Disney – 2

Happiness is… binge watching Disney Movies😊

Disney movies are what I call “My Happy place”. No matter what my mood is (happy, sad, confused or lost) I’m always up for them. Especially when I’m bummed out. They are my escape and my comfort.
I’ve grown up watching them and I still jump out of excitement (as I used to when I was 7-8 years old) when I see Disney movie on TV. And that ensures me from time to time that I’m still a little kid at heart (something I don’t want to change). Hahaha

What’s not to like in Disney movies? They entertain you, uplifts your mood and teaches you so many valuable lessons through most magical experiences.

One of my favourite Disney Princess is Cindrella.

She has taught me to be kind, to have courage and never stop believing in my dreams. And there are days when I doubt myself and my dreams and you know what I do at that time?

I sing cindrella song….
“No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
The dream that you wish will come true.
A dream is a wish your heart makes…”

And it gives me hope and strength to keep believing in my dreams.

I know Disney Princess were not always associated with feminism and it’s understandable. Because earlier movies did show that princesses have to look certain way, should behave certain way like they should be sweet, kind and poised. But I believe movies reflect ideas and social norms that are prevalent in society at time. So it make sense to me why they portrait princesses like that. But over the years Disney Princesses have come a long way and now defying gender roles and fighting for women’s equality.

Be it ‘JASMINE’ from Aladdin who stood for herself and tells the patriarchy “How dare you — all of you! Standing around deciding my future…I am not a prize to be won!”

And I really love the song ‘Speechless’ from Aladin movie. It’s so meaningful! And perfectly depicts her feelings and her rage.

Or strong, brave and resilient ‘MULAN’ who fought alongside male counterparts in a war zone and saved a kingdom.

P.S – Disney’s Mulan is coming in movies! Check out the trailer! (yes I won’t leave a opportunity to promote Disney 😅)

The two of my favourite Disney Princess movies are Frozen (which redefined the meaning of true love/real love for me) and Brave (because this I think is the first Disney movie which depicts mother – daughter relationship in such a beautiful heartwarming way).

Then obviously there are movies like “Coco” which teaches you importance of family and it’s value. And “Inside out” which tells you it’s absolutely normal to feel different emotions at the same time and that it’s okay to be not okay.

There are many more and list can go on and on. And so can I, go hours talking about Disney movies. But I think you get my love for Walt Disney for creating such a magical experiences for everyone.

Are you a Disney kid?

From Mickey’s famous whistle

To him making us smile

And becoming our favorite

And oh boy! This dance!😍

And this longing to click such photos when we visit Disneyland

Disney has given us everything ♥️

Hi friends!

This post was a collab with my sweetest friend Swastik!

She loves Disney (duh!)

And spirituality and Ed Sheeran and Romcoms andddd… She’s a very beautiful soul. It feels like a warm ray of sunshine as you read her posts.

Don’t believe me?

See for yourself!

Go check out her blog and show some love!

Hints for happy living

The part one of this post is waiting for you there!

29 thoughts on “Magical World of my Disney – 2

  1. Wow! This is soo nostalgic. Mu favourite movie without a doubt is frozen. I literally kept having dreams weeks after watching the movie that I had icy powers. 😂😂 Mickey mouse too is one of my favs. Coming back from school watching Disney and Hungama or Nick cartoons was just soo good. 💙💙💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those were the days💕
      Mickey has been my favorite since childhood, till now and will always be.. he’s such a cutie!♥️
      Anddd… Do you wanna build a snowman?😄
      I LOVE Olaf❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Guess who is very slow at realising that she forgot to give you a feedback?😁
    Yup, that’s me!🙈

    First of all, thanks bro for giving such a beautiful intro of me. “It feels like a warm ray of sunshine…” O my my, you made me blush!🙈 Hehehe 😄

    We both know how deeply we love Disney. And I think we have done pretty good job (can I say perfect?😏😉) at announcing our Disney love to everyone. 😀❤

    This collab was really fun. I Hope we do another one really soon😁

    Btw finally saw Mulan trailer yesterday. It’s AMAZING! Can’t wait to see the movie😅

    Liked by 1 person

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