We need reasons
Reasons for everything
Not just a reason,
We like to label

When I am scared to speak in public
I label myself as introvert
I don’t try to see whether it’s my extreme fear or just a feeling everyone goes through

When I label myself
I repeat
I am an introvert.. I am an introvert..
So I try to behave like one

That day I thought of saying what I felt in class
In front of everyone
“Introverts don’t speak in public, they don’t like attention”

Thus I killed my desire numerous times,
To fit into the category
I gave myself

One day I was forced to enter in elocution competition
I closed my eyes and told myself
I am not afraid of speaking in public
It’s not that bad

I didn’t get a round of applause
But my teacher beamed at me
“Yes, you spoke!”

© Vrunda Chauk

36 thoughts on “Labels

  1. Can totally relate 😂, I am an introvert all my life , and i manage a 100 team members now and giving motivation 😂 if my parents knew dey wil b like shocked, even i dont beleive myself after every speech ☺️ i still call myself introvert. It is a one time fear, u get that opportunity grab the mic do it. We are just introvert and we dont fear 💪 right? ✨😉✨

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    1. Wow!! It must have been hard for you while starting to manage so many people. I’m so glad you learnt it and now you’re an expert!
      Yes, I do believe we can do anything we want. The label of introvert or anything shouldn’t stop us from achieving what we want.
      Great story of yours Simon!
      Thank you so much for sharing!!♥️♥️😊


  2. I could relate so much to this. I’m not a stage-scared person but talking to someone new just fills me with redness. But yeah, we shouldn’t lable ourselves as introverts or extroverts. Also, the way you wrote this was so unique. A story but in a poem form. Loved it 💙💙

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    1. Everyone here is getting into the battle of introverts and extroverts… I just used it to highlight my point of not labelling people!😅
      You finally understood what I meant! Haha…. I really felt so good reading your comment! Thank you so much♥️♥️
      P.S – I do experience anxiety talking to strangers too! But I feel comfortable talking to strangers with my best friend around..

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  3. Let me tell you something very important Vrunda. Introverts can become extroverts and can learn whatever they want and be best at it. The opposite might be difficult. So yeah, humans have this ability to learn and implement new things. Just don’t worry about “log kya kahenge” and give your best every time. I am an introvert too but I am learning the skills at my own pace. Hopefully, I would get there where I want to be. 😀 Good topic chosen as always. Bring something we could have debate on. 😉

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    1. Yeah, my point was not to label yourself as anything as then you try to stick to it. Try whatever you want no matter you are good at it or no. Labels hold us back.
      Let’s not debate on this one😄

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    1. Yeah! It happens to all of us. Labelling it and trying to suppress the urge to speak is what stops us from trying. When you label yourself, you try to stick to it and that brings problems.
      Thank you for your feedback Sneha! Appreciate it❤️😊

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  4. Your poem strikes me as very perceptive and insightful. I’m curious why you chose to express these thoughts as a poem? That is, it occurs to me you had a choice between a poem and a mini-essay. I’m just curious — I don’t have an opinion on which format would be better.
    I’ve noticed also that we label ourselves according to our likes and dislikes — so, for instance, we might think of ourselves as someone who likes cherries. Then, a few years later, we realize we do not really like cherries, but that we’ve been eating cherries for years only because we have labeled ourselves as someone who likes them.

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    1. That is so true!!! My mom thinks I like chocolates.. I mean I do like chocolates..but not much.. whenever there is chocolate cake in our home she reserves a big piece for me! N I’m like… Mom I can’t eat that much😅 I used to eat till school actually… So yeah! I agree liking labels work

      I chose as a poem because.. that scene I imagined just came naturally to my mind in a poem format… And instead of just telling “don’t label” I wanted to share a story of what happens when you label and why exactly not to label… That is more appealing I guess

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      1. I agree that when you make the same point abstractly and then in terms of a story or an image, the story or image sticks with you quite a bit longer.

        Once a friend of mine confessed he didn’t understand poetry — he thought all that imagery was “pretentious”. I tried to explain to him that the imagery — among other functions — serves to make the message or theme of the poem memorable. Poor guy still didn’t get poetry. But then — he had spent his whole career programming computers. I suspect that could have had a little bit to do with it.

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      2. Maybe… I love to read poems written about nature.. they just create this beautiful picture in your mind about nature and you fell in love with the poem❤️
        Which ones do you like?

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      3. With me, it’s not so much the topic, it’s whether I find something about the poem striking, unusual, or especially well done.

        For instance, someone might write a love poem in which they liken their confused heart to a disturbed ant’s nest — to me a striking image.

        Or they might use short, choppy phrases combined with one and two syllable words to suggest agitation or anxiety. An interesting combination of form and meaning.

        Or they might write a poem that stands out for being revealingly honest about their feelings or values.

        Recently, a friend wrote a poem in which she played around with the words “I” and “you” in such a way that she created a sense of emotional intimacy with her audience.

        I guess I’m on the look out for what comes across to me as extraordinary.

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