“It’s okay”
“It happens”
“Don’t worry”
“Everything will be alright”

I find myself saying this to my friends, family and colleagues

But when something goes wrong with me
All I say is –
“You could’ve done better”
“How dumb you are!”
“What will they think about you?”

I fight myself while I try to heal others
I am harsh on myself
While I try to be kind to others

I need to remind myself
I am human too
I make mistakes too
I am allowed to forgive myself

I need to give myself what I’ve given others
I need to love myself the way I love others

© Vrunda Chauk

52 thoughts on “Me

  1. Been there. I had very demanding parents, and their lectures about nothing being good enough still manifest as self doubt and recriminations to this day.

    Realizing the problem is half the battle to overcoming it though. 🙂

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    1. It must be really hard for you to cope up with their high expectations and demands. Being kind to yourself is a choice you can always make. When you start talking to yourself as you would to a loved one, it will feel easy to get along❤
      Much love and hugs ❤❤

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      1. Oh!😅
        So your name is Simon!
        Its the first time I hear someone keeping the name of his wife as last name. But nice to see you doing so❤


      2. Ha ha 😊 Yes i am Simon.. Thought some girls may take it wrong and serious especially from my country. so i want u to be aware. This is a tradition that we humans created. A tradition can be created or modified. Let me be the creator of this one😊. It wont hurt right.

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      1. Going for my music class now — learning a song, “Shyam Sundar, Madan Mohan, Jago mere laal.” How can it not be happy? Sending you some of His sweet flute music, dear sweet Vrunda. Stay blessed and beautiful always! 🙂

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      2. Aww…you sing? Wow! That’s beautiful
        The moment I read “sweet flute music” I imagined some beautiful tone being played by Him…😍
        It’s so nice to hear such kind words from you on such a beautiful Sunday morning!💕
        Sending love and peace and blessings your way❤🙏
        Have a great time at class today!😊

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  2. Extremely extremely true. This is what happens with me. I am so good at giving advices but when the same things happen to me, I criticise myself😐We really need to understand ourselves and love ourselves .. very relatable post 😊

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    1. Sometimes I think we cannot truly love someone if we don’t love ourselves.. you can’t give what you don’t have right?
      Yeah, we need to be aware of this behaviour of ours… Acceptance is the first step to change.
      Nice hearing from you my friend!
      Hope you have a blessed day❤

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    1. Even I did that for a long time. Especially when I was a teenager. (Just stepped out of it btw😁)
      One day I saw the Ted talk of Kristin Neff on self compassion. And oh boy.. it resonated so well!
      Being kind to myself since and life’s going good!♥️😊
      Thank you for reading ❤️

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