Note to self – 6 (when you don’t get what you want)

That frustration you experience when you’re trying hard but still not getting what you want..

When you are so passionate about something and want it badly, still you have to wait…

Ever felt that?

It’s happening with me.

After lot of efforts to change my mood, I wrote this – (something I really needed to hear)

Dear Self,

I am proud of you for the efforts you’re putting in to get this.

I understand how badly you want it. And I know you will get it soon.

Keep going, I’m here to cheer you. You are doing great.

I know it’s not working.

But something that’s more important than success is the process of getting there. Make sure you enjoy the grind, the process, try to have some fun and keep going.

There is no ray of light now, but I can promise you, if you keep going your sunshine is not far away.

This frustration that you’re experiencing now, remember one day you will be telling people how you overcame it and “made it to the top

By the time, try to improve your game. See what else you have to learn, what risks you can take, this is the time you have nothing to loose. Just give it your all and keep faith.

Your future is bright!

Cheering for you,


50 thoughts on “Note to self – 6 (when you don’t get what you want)

      1. I am happy as well Vrunda. You are welcome for the kind words you deserve them. I am having a fantastic Thursday. Hope you had a fabulous day Vrunda.


  1. I really like your approach to the situation. That’s exactly what was needful at that moment, encouraging yourself, telling yourself that you’re proud of you even in the face of frustration. We all need this step to be able to remain positive and hopeful in times of stress and hopelessness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s hard to do so at times. But one things I’ve learnt from writing these letters is that you can be the person to yourself that you need. You can say the comforting words to yourself you need to hear and believe in them❤️
      It just feels awesome after doing so💕
      Thank you for your time and kind words Florence!🙏
      Love to hear from you


    1. Oh really? We should talk about it! Haha… And support each other.
      Thank you sooo much for your kind words Pratik!❤️🙏
      Have a beautiful day ahead 🌸💕


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